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Are people who live in even numbered zip codes happier than people who live in odd numbered area?

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It has never been an issue for me.

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My city has 4 zip codes I think. It doesn’t seem like people in the even numbered zip codes are happier here.

I’m thinking back to all of the places I have lived, and I know I don’t count as a scientific study, but definitely I can say the zip code is irrelevant to my happiness.

If you ask me about even or odd house numbers…~

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The whole thing is bogus.

Consider this statement”
* Even numbers are stable and odd numbers promote movement.*

That completely ignores the stability of a three legged stool compared to a four legged stool.

3 is the most stable number possible, because it defines a plane.

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So many superstitions so little time

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I’ve lived in both and I’ve never noticed a difference in my happiness

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I am happier when I wear an even number of socks.

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Only if the area in which you live is affected by changes in zip code boundry changes and you are not very happy with the change, because, for interest, it makes it sound like you live in a nastier neighborhood.

Come to think of it, I have only lived in even-number zip code areas

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The worst place I lived (suburban Boston) was zip 01721 (odd number).

I grew up in an even numbered zip code.
My college had an odd numbered zip code
First job after college = even numbered
First house – even numbered
Current house – even numbered

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My house is in an odd number and my PO box is in an even number. Maybe that keeps me well balanced

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My zip code is even and I am depressed as fuck

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Are you left handed as well?

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I am right handed

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When I first moved into my house, my zip was an even number. Since I moved in, they restructured the zip code into 3 different codes & now I’m in an odd zip code. I haven’t noticed any difference in my ability to be happy!!!

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