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Do men with facial hair make better partners?

Asked by LadyMarissa (9668points) 1 month ago

According to a 2016 study led by Barnaby Dixson and published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology as reported by Cosmopolitan, men with beards are considered better partners. So, ladies…do you prefer that your man has facial hair??? Guys, have you ever thought of growing a beard when trying to attract a mate???

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Obviously. (I’ve had a beard for 43 years)

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I have had a beard ever since I could grow one.
I do like it trim and short though.
Should add Mrs Squeeky and I are going on 30+ years together.

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@elbanditoroso :) Why does that not surprise me??? LoL

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@SQUEEKY2 Trim & short was the preferred look!!!

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My Ex always had a beard and I’m more attracted to men with them.

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I prefer no beard. Crazy study. My husband is hairy though. Hairy chest, legs, arms. 5 o’clock shadow by 5 for sure. Sandpaper. Lol. He’s sported a beard a few times during our marriage for a few months at a time.

Edit: my ex had no chest hair and only needed to shave every couple of days. He was a cheater and liar, so maybe that’s universal proof less body hair makes for a bad partner.

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In thinking about it, I prefer my guy to be clean shaven; yet, I’m attracted to men with some facial hair…I hate beard burn from new growth!!!

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I’ve had a mustache since 1975.

As my mother used to say, “a kiss without whiskers is like an egg without salt.”

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I’ve got sensitive skin. Shaving was causing infections and my dermatologist recommended growing a beard. I’ve had one for about a decade now. My wife likes the beard (or at least she says she does). I like keeping my wife happy.

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Better than women with facial hair.

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It grosses me out

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I hope not. I’m an old man and could never grow good beard. I never had good hair on my head either. Very thin and baby fine.

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My ex, liked my facial hair short. When our relationship dissolved, I grew a long beard.
Surprisingly, LOTS of women loved it. They constantly wanted to touch it. Some, would just grab it…
I remember working security, at a beach club once. I was “floating”(walking the crowd.) I had sunglasses on, and was reading the crowd, so I wasn’t paying attention to most of the females. An older lady grabbed my beard, and instinctively, I grabbed her wrist really hard. She screamed, in pain. I immediately apologized, and went to get an ice pack, for her arm. When I got back, she had a hand print bruise, already on her wrist. As I was tending to her arm, she apologized for grabbing me. I was sad I hurt her, but relieved that she wasn’t going to press charges for assault. She admitted that it was stupid, and that she wouldn’t want a strange man to grab her hair.

I can think of dozens of times, when I would be walking through a store, and a strange woman would just say “I love your beard.”

Such a strange thing. I grew it, because I hated my ex. A lot of girls liked it.
Obviously, it’s a matter of taste.

It’s said that a hairy man, has more testosterone, than a non-hairy man. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

One time, a man approached me, at a venue I was working. He asked me if I would let him touch my beard. I told him, that would not be a good idea. He tried to talk me into it. I told him to go away. He did.
A few minutes later, the owner of the venue came up to me, and said “you earned me $100.”
I was confused. He said “that guy bet me $100, that he could touch your beard… So. That guy lost the bet.

What an odd world…

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I’ll take em with or without. Just don’t give me a scraggly hobo beard please.

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Men with beards are disgusting.

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Men with beards are sweet.

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Funny. Just saw Bergman’s The Magician last night for the first time. Max Von Sydow played a character with a beard and no beard in the film.

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Depends on the person, for me. I’m very attracted to the bad boy look though, which includes a beard often.

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A man without a beard is either a cop or a firefighter. The rest, well, aren’t really men.

Although, if you have a beard and a man bun, go put on a dress.

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My husband usually grows a beard in the fall and shaves it come spring. Both versions are very nice. Woof! :)

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@Coolhandluke Actually, I have a friend who does just that although no man bun.

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@Coolhandluke So there are no men in the US Army or Marines? No Native American or Asian men either?

Honey, I’m more man than you’ll ever be and more woman than you’ll ever get.

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@gondwanalon I failed to mention the military. Yep, they’re men too.

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This is a ridiculous study and unless it asked everyone on this planet, it is just biased and probably a backup for a mans product line of goods.

I think that as long as the beard is neatly shaped and kept up it looks debonair on some men,but not all.
In some professions it would not be sanitary like Hospitals,Cafe’s, Restaurants, Chefs etc

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Women with beards are a massive turn off!

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Uh…there are plenty of Native American and Asian American men who have beards.

Let’s not fight one ridiculous stereotype with another ridiculous stereotype.

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I read an interesting study that said attraction to men with beards is related to how popular beards are at the moment. But not what you’d assume.

Attraction to beards is highest when it’s not the current norm. So if everyone has a beard, women are less attracted to it. But when there are less beards, women find it more attractive. Supposedly.

I’ll try to find it again.

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My wife does not like facial hair so I have to shave. I’m usually rocking heavy stubble though and only shave when I get “that look” from her…as in shave or else!

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Take any “advice” from Cosmopolitan with a huge grain of salt.

(Note to ‘Cosmo’s’ editors: no, men do not like it when you put both hands on their penis then twist in opposite directions.)

As far as beardedness: I am, fortunately, secure enough in my masculinity to understand that beardliness does not equate to manliness.

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Life got so much better when the ladies started shaving down there. I would think it would apply to the upstairs man hole too.

And that was the best thing about neck/head radiation. All my facial hair fell out. I went a year without shaving. I hate shaving. I also lost all the hair In a straight line from the top of one ear to the other one. About two weeks into radiation I was itching the back of my head while dorking around on the computer and I had hair all over my hand. That was the first sign of hair loss. It was wild. At the time I had long hair but normally I shave my head with a #4 so it wasn’t a huge deal. It just kept falling out.

But I never lost hair from chemo. Just radiation. Which was sort of a bumber. I like a clean downstairs but I don’t like shaving the wang. I was hoping chemo would knock out my pubic hair for a while. But no such luck.

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I generally don’t prefer men with beards but I think on some men, it looks better to have one.

I think some men will never look good with a beard, for example, Derek Jeter looks beautiful bare-faced. I can’t imagine him with a beard. Prince Harry looks good either way, beard or no beard.

Sometimes a beard or moustache helps to hide an overbite or weak chin, which is beneficial.

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^ Agree. I saw one pic on Pinterest of this to die for drop dead gorgeous guy with a well shaped beard. Out of curiosity, I did further research & found a pic of the same guy without his beard…he NEEDED it!!! At the same time, I know me well enough to realize that IF I fell in love with him, I’d love him with or without his beard. Still, for the initial attraction (just to get to know him) would be appreciated WITH the beard as there was NOTHING special to attract me without it!!!

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I need my beard too.
I don’t recognize my beardless face as myself.
Face App showed me that.

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I read somewhere recently that some 63% of American men would give up sex for a year in exchange for growing the “perfect” beard.
They’re having a fucking laugh right?

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@LadyMarissa You don’t say!!

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