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What subject for a question is (almost) guaranteed to make for an "orphan" question?

Asked by rebbel (30944points) 1 month ago

Do you think there are subjects like that, or is it the wording of a question.
Or something else?

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Car repair questions. Old video game questions.

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This one??

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I have some about types of steel that would probably put people to sleep.
My glaze calculation questions would be enough to make one jump off a cliff.
In groups. Like lemmings.
Then there are questions I have about duvet covers that would get me banned.

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Oliver Twist ones.

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We have some experts here who can regularly churn out questions that have the same effect on me as nails on a chalkboard. You all know who you are.

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@stanleybmanly Ask a political question and wait with some popcorn.. My typical Friday night

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Adi has an orphan question. I’m sad that he wasn’t alive long enough to see it answered :(

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Ask for gluten free recipes for cake, in which the user’s garden-full of Brussels sprouts is the main ingredient. Then say, “Only nice people answer.” Then add, “I’ll flag any answers that go off topic”

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No such thing. You could ask a question in some ancient language, and at least I need jelly would answer, if only to poke fun at the asker.

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Questions specific to the history of one’s home town, or a local area.

(e.g. Where was Dudley Park In Memphis in the late 1800s? Why did Raleigh, TN (the original county seat) become such a blight, when nearby Bartlett, less than two miles away, become an upper-class suburb?)

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Something that can easily be answered with an internet search or by looking in a dictionary.

Here at Fluther, it’s against the rules to respond with, “Try a Google search.” But, don’t we all think exactly that if someone asks, “What’s a Philips-head screwdriver?”

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I am going to agree with @Yellowdog home town questions usually have no answers.

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I suppose we shall see, but given the number of responses to spam before it is removed, I still believe there is none.

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Spam can be fun to answer, but I’ve had answers removed as “unhelpful’ before the span is removeded.

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That isn’tsomething I’d brag about. LOL

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Back in the day we used to have several orphaned questions. There was even a tab for them. This was when the site was much busier.

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It wasn’tthat long ago — I remember it. I joined in 2015

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@Jonsblond -I remember that. Things are definitely different here nowadays.

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Llamas with hats.

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The “orphan” tabs are still around, in the general and social sections.

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More often than not, I believe that an orphaned question is usually the polite response of the membership when confronted with the absurd. It took me much longer than it should have to recognize those so prolific in churning out indigestible ideas and concepts. And following hot on the heels of such folks are the fantasy crowd which assumes esoteric pretend genre the common coinage of us all.

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“What will happen if an man do sex with his wife daily and eject semen daily inside her sex organ ?”

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