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What is the best relief you have found for achy joints?

Asked by Harper1234 (803points) 4 weeks ago

as stated

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At bed time, take 4 ibuprofen and slather the achy joint with Aspercreme ROLL-ON. It has to be the roll-on. It has 10% menthol in it. The normal creme and those bogus lidocaine sprays don’t have this ingredient. Take the pills and put on the roll-on and go to sleep. Your joints will not ache in the morning. This has worked on ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, neck, and back. Sometimes all at the same time.

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Joint replacements.

If only someone would come to Fluther and educate us about the wonders of CBD oil!

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My husband has arthritis and bursitis in both shoulders.
He has had pain since I’ve known him (over 20 years)
Since we started following an anti-inflammatory diet, his pain is almost gone. Whenever he eats something outside the plan, the pain comes roaring back, especially if he has dairy.
There are plenty of diets geared towards anti inflammation out there if you are interested.
As for CBDs, I am looking into hemp based to see if it helps with MS and sleep.
Good luck

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I gave you a website to look into on your other Q.

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I take fish oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM.
I can tell when I stop using them.

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I had this problem years ago and also took ibuprofen and used “Absorbine Liniment” as well.
I no longer have to use these remedies since I lost the excess weight and eat healthy foods instead of indulging in sweets etc

Now the only time my body aches ( back /shoulders) is when I spend too much time at my computer .

I am susceptible to cold since froze my legs when at age 14 I walked to school ( miles) after missing my bus and didn’t know that the temperature was dangerously low .

However on cold days as long as I wear leotards under my slacks for protection, I am comfortable .

Eating healthier foods and eliminating sodas,chips,and sweets has helped a lot in losing weight and thus pressure on my joints.

I don’t take anything for topical relief nor pills especially Ibuprofen as it has a tendency to lower the metabolism and thus weight gain happens. It only masks the pain not eliminate it.

I feel lighter and move about easier and look forward to the summer months of more hiking.

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Has anyone had a positive reaction to taking Type 2 collagen for joint pain?
Also reading up on Cucurmin as a way to rid joint pain.
I know everybody’s body is different and some can withstand pain
better than others. I believe the CBD oil is just a fad

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Then don’t take it.

Cannabis and hemp derivatives have been used forever for the relief of pain, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite and other things. Just because they are popular now does not mean they are not effective.

Collagen may take weeks to start being effective. It is also becoming popular, so you probably don’t want to do that either.

The only way you can tell if something will work for you is to try it yourself, with an open mind.

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I think that taking something for pain relief only stops the pain receptors ( symptoms) and not treat the causes.

So one may find temporary relief for the short term, but on the long term?

Once the body conditions itself to a pain relief treatment it then constantly will require more doses of stronger medicines.
So ONLY the symptoms are treated and NOT the CAUSE of the original pain.

I think Cannabis and hemp derivatives are in this category for sure.

One feels good temporary and probably gets hooked on it as well?

Not a good way to handle the cause in the first place.

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