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Is there an abbreviation that annoys you?

Asked by raum (6853points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

I can’t stand when people use DD and DS. Most people do not refer to their kids as Dear Daughter or Dear Son. So why abbreviate to that?

I remember it used to drive one of my friends crazy when people used TP for toilet paper.

What about you?

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‘Round these here parts DD is reserved for Dunkin’ Donuts.

I cant stand:
“totes” for totally
“B-T-Dubs” for By the Way
“BRB” for Be Right Back

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TKX, or whatever, for thanks.

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RU for are you.

I much prefer “Where you at?” than “Where RU?” Even though they are both irritating.

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Not so much abbreviations. But it really grinds my gears when people say shit like, “my facebook” or “my twitter”. If you say “my facebook page” I don’t care. But for some reason “my facebook” implies some sort of ownership. And that makes me irrationally angry.

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YOLO is bad; luckily no one has said that since 2012.

I too dislike the DH/DS stuff but I really don’t see that outside of mommy blogs (not that I look at mommy blogs) lol

I’m getting kind of sick of FOMO but that’s maybe because it reminds me I have major FOMO.

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Never heard of DD.

I never liked SoBe or ROTF.

Some of the old state abbreviations bug me. I learned all the two letter postal codes in 8th grade, and the old ones just seem out of date to me. Example of out of date would be Fla instead of FL.

I don’t know half the abbreviations mentioned above, and since I don’t know them I don’t like them.

There are a bunch I do like. FF, WTF, WTH. I grew up in DC with a dad who worked in the uniformed services, and we use a shit ton of abbreviations in DC, or maybe the correct term is initialism or acronym? All the agencies in DC. NCI, NIMH, NIH, FDA, NIST, PHS, HHS, NIAID, there’s more. Took me a while to get up to speed when we first moved there.

Now, we have text speak, and I still can’t keep up with all of it.

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Funny thing about YOLO is there is a county in California named Yolo County. It’s an old Native American word.

Do not ever ever say Cali. That is an abomination made up by people from other states, or have moved to California.

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@zenvelo Yep. It’s where UC Davis is. Nice place. :)

And I agree about “Cali”. Never say that or “Frisco” to refer to SF. No Californians use that term.

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My objections are to acronyms with multiple uses.
At work, a machine which combines fiber optic signals is an ATM. Another fiber optic machine is an OCD.
A.C. is confused with A/C.

We used to use acronyms to describe things. For example: “Hey, hand me that LWPF!” meaning little white plastic fucker.

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PIN number.
I mean, the N is already there for number so why say it again?
Also TMI…fuck off & die!

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Trill annoys me. True-real.

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lbs Yeah I know it is from the Romans, but there are not a whole lot of people who speak Latin.

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To be really pedantic about this…

A lot of the ones listed above (including mine) are not abbreviations. They are acronyms. That doesn’t make them less repulsive. But at least we’ll label them properly.

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AA I am a member of the Automolile Association not a fucking alcoholic!!
@elbanditoroso You, pedantic? Never!

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Edit: That should, of course, read Automobile…bloody phone!

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@ucme Maybe you should take a look at your drinking. So much anger….

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No anger here man, maybe you should take a look at your perception levels, I drink no more than twice in a whole year…so much ignorance! :D

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All of them. It’s lazy.

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Thanks for all of your answers! Whenever these “does x annoy you” questions come up, it makes me realize that I do a lot of things that annoy people. I am definitely guilty of several of these.

@cookieman It’s funny. I don’t mind people writing BRB over text. But I hate when they actually say the letters in person. Texting “be right back” takes longer. But saying “be right back” takes the same about of syllables.

@gondwanalon Oh man. I both agree it’s annoying and I’m guilty of using it. Mostly because I laugh in response a lot. And I’ve got to mix it up with the ha, haha and harhar. :P

@RedDeerGuy1 KTHX? I don’t like that one either. But maybe more so because it’s kind of mean remark whether it’s abbreviated or written out.

@Kardamom Where Uat? :P

@elbanditoroso You might win this thread. Those are pretty awful.

@johnpowell It annoys me when younger people say it. But i find it kind of endearing when older people say it. I’m ageist like that.

@Demosthenes FOMO is a weird catch. Saying it out loud makes me cringe. Yet it captures a particular concept so it has its uses. But maybe it’s like you said, I’m just hung up on it because I feel called out.

@filmfann Yes! That’s incredibly confusing.

@ucme I’ve always wondered that about PIN number. So redundant.

@Coolhandluke You mean efficient. ;P

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@raum: That’s my rule. If saying the acronym or abbreviation takes the same amount of time, then just say the original word.

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Then there’s the bacronym SNAFU eponym.

Aw, no, wait, I like that one.

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None. I am the laziest texter in the world. Lots of people have to ask me what the hell I’m saying. I use all the abbreviations unless it is formal.

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Just think of every one you know and imagine 99% of that.

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On 2nd tht IDK none R so bad afta all. U know what I mean. ROFL —- jk

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