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What animal are you in the year of the metal Rat 2020?

Asked by Inspired_2write (10566points) 1 month ago

I am Earth Rat.
Here is the link that came out today forecasting 2020 year for every sign.

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Scroll down the list to locate your birth year.

Just for entertainment like a fortune cookie.

Have Fun.

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@Inspired_2write says “entertainment”. But don’t hundreds of millions of people take this seriously?

VTW, I am identified as “horse”

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I suppose that there are, but here its just to make everyone’s day a little brighter.

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I’m an ox and I’m okay with that. Ha!

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I’m a fokking sheep.

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@rebbel Well, sheep do like fokking!

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@KNOWITALL @janbb @rebbel @elbanditoroso
Did you check the specific year and will you have a good 2020?
I am a Rat and supposed to be my year for great things to happen.

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@janbb Yes, it was not an expletive ~
@Inspired_2write I have now, but it didn’t stick; I don’t give value to astrology.

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@rebbel I gathered

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Mine gives a more optimistic outlook than I am expecting.
It is interesting though, what it focused on.

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It’s already a lousy year and it’s only January.

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I’m a fogging DAWG. But I guess some of you already knew that. Sigh.

Apparently ”(I am) prone to accidents, which may lead to bleeding. Drive carefully and be careful of sharp objects.” You mean no more sword swallowing while I’m driving and texting?

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Tiger in motion. I’m healthiest being active.

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I’m a Dragon.
I actually really, really love Chinese Dragons and the story behind them, that they symbolize power and strength and luck.
I really want to get a Chinese dragon tattooed on me. Honestly something similar to this on my back.

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@Inspired_2write Supposed to be a good year for love and marriage for rabbits. Hahaha!

I “get along well with people” but income will be flat. Health is good but pay attention to my waist and kidneys.

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“Dragon and the rat have a golden connection. You will have plenty of luck and help. You will have many new and creative ideas. You favour creative work, such as writing, painting, architecture, acting and singing. Public relations and sales are both good jobs for you, too. You have a dominant money sign this year. There are many opportunities for you such as investing in the stock market and real estate. This is a strong connecting year. If you are still single, you should get married. If married, go for another honeymoon. Your relationships are great. You will enjoy a very healthy year.”

Everything is good except for the marriage thing

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@Inspired_2write Mine was roses and sunshine, which is really a little too good for me to believe. The advice on what to watch in future sounds like my doc at every physical, so nothing shocking or new unfortunately.

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I’m a fire dragon.

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FYI If your birthday is in January or February the signs in this article may not be accurate. Since the lunar new year changes each year.

For instance, I’m a snake even though the article says the sign for my birth year is a Horse. Because my birth date is before the lunar new year for that year. My mom calls me her snake tail.

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@Inspired_2write Thanks, I always was told I was Rat.

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LOL a play on words your talent.

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I’m a horse…

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The Rat in me has to scurry away to scrounge up supper, see you later
Have fun all.

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I have long known that I’m a boar. And that site advice me to get married :)

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Yay! A Mimi wedding. ;-D

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“Metal rat 2020” sounds like a good band name.

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I am a boar (or pig), which at first seems insulting, but then I think about the singing boar from the Lion King and that really adorable piggy bank from the Santander commercials and I think to myself — being a boar/pig wouldn’t be so bad if I could sing with my friends or if a handsome and kind Barack Obama-type-guy would take me in and care for me. That would be nice.

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I am a rat. This is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac. I wonder if the Chinese give special significance to the start of a new cycle. I read that the dragon sign is highly prized, and that some couples deliberately have children born under it.

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Neigh way!

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Dragon. Looks like a good year :)

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What sign are you on this Chinese Zodiac?

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Rawr. It’s a job year for me, apparently.

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