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I heard someone say on the radio, "God has big plans for me!" Is that presumptuous?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30570points) January 24th, 2020

There was a guy on the radio in Atlanta who had been in a car wreck. He survived with a broken leg.

He said “I’ll be fine, God has big plans for me!”

Is that being presumptuous? Saying that he knows what god is going to do? Supposing the guy is in another accident next week – would the guy say “God wanted me to get wrecked again!”

To what degree does faith turn into presumptuousness?

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A bit a haughty boy, he is.
It’ll be a hard to prove someone like him (with that attitude) wrong though.
If he gets in several more accidents or other unfortunate situations, but survives them all, he can say “see, told ya (he has big plans for me)”.
And if he dies in the first one, well, nobody can tell him “told ya, you were full of bs when you said what you said”.

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Quite the optimistic bull shitter.

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If you have a relationship with God you would know it is true.

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@Harper1234 That’s why it’s a ‘faith-based religion’. Agreed.

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But even in a faith based religion, is it proper to predict what god will do?

I can totally understand hoping and praying for action, but predicting it?

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What if “god’s plan” for him, is dying a vastly more horrific death?

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It’s a way to rationalize the insanity of it all. Give the guy a break.

One moment, he was cruising along at rapid speeds in a metal box on a concrete slab with hundreds of people he’d never met in their own metal boxes at high velocities..

The next, he’s bombarded with pain, wreckage, fear, randomness, breaking.

But he lives, and he must go on. But how can you when such horrible things happen in an instant with no warning? Someone must be looking out for you. You aren’t cursed with the randomness of the universe, you are blessed with favor of the Devine.

Shit, whatever gets you through the day, man.

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It’s no more presumptuous than “I have big plans for me.” The presumption is in the idea that I will be beyond ordinary. Agency is but a secondary insult.

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Not big plans per se. Just not dying in that particular car accident. Like @ragingloli said, could very well be the plan is to die in a vastly more horrific manner.

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@elbanditoroso Suffice it to say, if you believe God is the author of your life and in complete control, there must be intention behind everything that happens in life. Just my opinion.

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Throughout the bible, we see examples of where it says if you are in a good relationship with God, he will do great things for you. And there are times that things happen that should, by all rights, not be possible. This accident the guy was in might be one of those. To get out of it with only a broken leg might be so insane he sees it as bordering on miraculous. And for him to proclaim his belief like that tells me he has a pretty good relationship with God.

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I’d be bloody terrified at the thought of the Lord having big plans for me.
Pressure much…

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@elbanditoroso “God has big plans for me!” Is that presumptuous?

If imagined beings exist then it’s a presumption and if they don’t exist then it’s a delusion.

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It might be presumptuous to think it’s a good thing when it could be that “God” wants a chance to break that other leg!

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