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Who or what always makes you laugh?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (32910points) 1 month ago

Is there anyone or anything that never fails to break you up?

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My dog. She is hilarious!

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@chyna -Is your avatar you & your pup?
Your hair is gorgeous

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Sometimes I make funny jokes. Sometimes I’m the only one laughing.

Most of the time, I’m just laughing
at myself. So much material.

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@raum I understand all too well.

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Ok, now @raum has me laughing!
Yes, that is me and my dog. That was right before I got sick and lost a lot of my hair in 2017. It has finally grown back but not that long yet.
Thank you!

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My sons.

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Life makes me laugh!
I see the funny side of almost all things, It’s a wonderful way to be…trust me!

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Shallow answer. Family Guy and South Park. And these past few days Key & Peele videos in YouTube. I’ve seen many of their videos by now and I have yet to be disappointed. Very well produced and very funny.

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A couple of my friends : )

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@ucme I couldn’t agree with you more

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Robin Williams always made me laugh!!! I miss him SOOO much!!!

Since joining Fluther, @ucme & @ragingloli make me laugh at the strangest times

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The screaming goats. Makes me laugh, every time.

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Anything that’s remotely funny and not offensive. I’m the world’s easiest laugh.

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My pets. I swear they were sent to me just for this purpose. For example, We got our male cat fixed and the female went into heat and was walking around doing that loud meow. The male meowed back to her. They were both on the bar and the female walked up to him and bitch slapped him off the counter.

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