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If you could pick one question to have answered, which one would it be?

Asked by longgone (16640points) January 24th, 2020

Let’s say there’s a website like Fluther. You can only ask one question in your lifetime, but you are guaranteed to receive the correct answer. You can ask about the concept of God, or the date of your death. Anything.

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It is a tie between what career should I pursue? What was my family like before the divorce and what would It be like if It never happened? Or how do become a greater god?

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Mine’s a toss up between will climate change destroy the world for humans or will I develop to dementia as I get older?

I can’t decide which is more important for me to know.

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Edit: take out the “to”

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The simple questions are the best—say a request for the upcoming powerball numbers.

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Are we there yet?

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@longgone If you could pick one question to have answered, which one would it be?

It would be the chosen one.

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Where in God’s name did my late Great Grandfather bury the large Trunk of family documents, photographs and ancestor’s heritage?( nobody has a clue)

( he died in 1969 without telling anyone, and finding this would had made my research of 25 years plus that much easier and documented).

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^ Most people don’t tell anyone they died.

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He kept this secret all of his life. We only knew about when we visited once when I was 16 years old and my cousin had to crawl under the floorboards and found a ROOM hued out by my Grandfather specifically to store things. We assumed that all the relatives knew about this but they didn’t and that cousin was on drugs later in life so no one talked to him. We lived in different Province .
I think that my late Grandfather removed the trunk into another spot on the property that has been sod to a construction company in present day which divided that property and sold to others?

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What is this thing growing on my neck?

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Why did my sister in law shoot herself in the head when she had 3 grand babies and one on the way.

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Ok, I want to know why the hell I always seem to attract people who think they can just tell me every personal detail about themselves with no prompt? Deeply personal stuff too?

Or why people try to always take advantage of me.

I haven’t decided.

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