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Why did Prince Charles snub Mike Pence?

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Took too long so I didn’t see but if he snubbed pence I say “Good show old man!”

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^^My guess is it has something to do with the issue of climate change which seems important to Prince Charles?

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Because Pence is an atrocious person who stands to cause much suffering and destruction the more he remains in government?

Why would anyone not snub Mike Pence?

Would you be polite to someone if you thought their being accepted was actively causing suffering and destruction, and you thought they were an atrocious person who stood for atrocious things?

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It was explained in the news ( Canada) that he had already had a long chat with Pence and therefore went on to the next person, but still he acknowledged Pence nodding together.

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Charles heard Pence killed Epstein.

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Philip is a man of stature and class.

Pence is a peon. The prince took the opportunity to pee on Pence.

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