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How do you download something onto a USB drive?

Asked by Nevada83 (828points) January 24th, 2020

My laptop has ALREADY run out of disk space, and I have a 64GB USB drive. Answers telling me to free up space will not help me. Thanks.

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Plug in the USB device
It should open your D drive. If not, go find you D drive and open it. Then just drag your files to it.

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By the way, if you ever wanted to know if a USB drive can survive a washing machine cycle, the answer is “yes” – I just pulled it from the bottom of the drum, plugged it into the computer, and it works just fine.

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LOL!! Don’t try that ^ at home!

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Remember one thing…when you finish copying to it, you need to eject it from your system or you can lose everything you copied to it!!! In this case, ejecting means telling the computer to finish the copying process so it’s safe to remove the USB drive. You will get a message as to when it’s “safe to remove drive”.

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Sounds like it’s time for a bigger hard drive.

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I keep an external hard drive attached to my computer so I can save everything to the external drive. When I finish using my computer, I remove the drive from the computer; so if by chance someone hacks in, they can’t get to any important files

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^I need to get me onea them!

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^Yes, you should. My laptop crashed and when I got it back they had wiped the drive and reinstalled the operating system. Had I not used this method, I would have lost everything. Now it is more important to me than ever

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I did that to myself once @SEKA! A Jelly turned me on to Carbonite. It uploads ALL my stuff at least once a day. About $80 a year.

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BTW, about how much are they?

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