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I heard stories that back in the day (1950’s) immigration at the border wouldn’t let pregnant women through.

We would solve that problem if we didn’t have such a broad interpretation of birthright citizenship.

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This is one of the FEW things that he has done with which I can agree!!! For years, many rich Chinese women have flown here just to give birth on American soil. They come & stay just long enough to have their baby & then fly their baby back to China with an American citizenship. Once the baby is raised in China, it is taught to hate us. At some point in time, these children will be coming back to claim their rightful place in our society. IF we’re not going to allow immigrants over the southern border to have their babies here even though many did well in school & work hard to support us, then we shouldn’t allow others to fly in just to get a birth certificate!!!

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It makes me angry. The idea that the U.S. lacks ressources and needs to shut itself off is just fearmongering. 40% of the food produced in America goes to waste. While only 5% of the land is even being used.

America, like all wealthy nations, has a duty to be welcoming.

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But, I’m guessing, this won’t apply to Russian women,

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I thought that I read that it was changed so that just coming to the U.S. pregnant and having their baby delivered there would not constitute birth right of citizenship, so then it wouldn’t be feasible to work for them.

Just found this online. to take effect Jan 24 2020

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Not surprising.

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That’s not within the presidential administration’s power, however. But no one ever bothers to inform Trump of what the limits to his power are. That’s why so many of his decrees have ended up being struck down by the courts.

He’s like a petulant child that none of the adults around want to say “no” to because they don’t want to deal with his temper-tantrums.

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Remember Trump can’t read the Constitution (let a lone understand it) and doesn’t believe in USA laws and Constitution. As repeatedly shown by his actions.

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It is a non-solution to a non-problem. It is appealing to republicans and their wacky white-nationalist purity ideology. But in reality it is an infinitesimally small number of women, nowhere near enough to cause any sort of problem.

This is (once again) playing the white identity politics game to get elected.

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So this is a white thing?

Ever known any legal migrants, ethnic minorities, or African Americans, who want open borders?

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Crickets, I see.

Well, lets just say that for political reasons I suspect most politicians take on this will be based on who they believe the “anchor babies” and the ensuing chain migration will vote for in the future. I’m sure there are pregnant women who desperately need help from the U.S.A. but there is no way to know who they are without proper vetting.

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My only thought is that the policy is exactly what one expects. Who here is truly shocked?

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Is it Constitutional NO!

Trump backs it !

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The constitution doesn’t deal with the topic at all.

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Back on BARF FART @Yellowdog !

Wait til he takes your disability money for a couple years to pay for his Phallic symbol, the southern wall against brown people!

He will do it.

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@longgone Your country doesn’t have to consider that letting in someone pregnant will result in the baby being an automatic citizen. Do you think your country is terrible for not having automatic birthright citizenship?

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@JLeslie I think my country is terribly wrong for every refugee we don’t allow to stay, young or old. I don’t believe I have a more valid claim on this land just because I was born here.

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ALL Americans, born on US soil, are American citizens . Including myself. It seems very hypocritical, to deny that right to anyone else. ALL non-native people enjoy this right. The majority of our current population, are citizens, as a result.
It’s painfully obvious that this is another way of keeping non-white, non-Christians, out of the country…
An obvious agenda, of Trump, and his followers…

I have read multiple articles, about the Chinese doing as a jelly talked about. I agree, that this happens. Where I disagree, is that the children are taught to hate America. That’s not something that I have heard of.

There are many citizens, that have duel citizenship. I have to opine, that I see no problems with this.
There is plenty of room for them. And, they pay taxes, and contribute to the country. What is the problem?

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@longgone I guess that means you want to give automatic citizenship to children of immigrants. What you stated is slightly different, but I’m assuming. I want to help immigrants and treat them civilly also. America does let in millions of immigrants still to this day, and a large number eventually become citizens.

1 in 7 people living in America are foreign born, that stat has been fairly constant for many years. Many of whom become citizens. America let’s in more immigrants than any other country in the world every year by a long shot. I feel like the world has no idea that’s still the case.

Trump has done some horrible things like separating children from parents, and has said some idiotic things about groups of immigrants, but the reality is Latin Americans and people from the Middle East every day are still being granted entry, papers, and are on a path to citizenship.

A friend of mine is Muslim and she comes and goes to vacation here in the US with no troubles.

None of what I said excuses the crappy things Trump has done, but I do think the perception out there might be one-sided because of the reporting.

Most of Europe has much much higher bars to become a citizen than America. America at large realizes most people who come in will stay and should be able to be citizens and to take on the American identity. I think that’s why America historically has been a leader in assimilation.

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@LadyMarissa I agree, and it’s part of the problem with birthright citizenship, which may be something we need to re-examine. “Anchor baby” may be a pejorative, but it’s a real thing and indicative of a system that’s being abused.

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“Anchor baby” is pejorative because it dehumanizes the personhood of the baby. But it is a pretty good analogy for understanding what is taking place.

Give birth in the U.S.A. and the baby is an American citizen by birthright. That means the mother, and the entire family, and anyone thereafter they have familial ties to, can likewise come and are automatically American citizens, can get food, housing, aid, and medical care. There is no limit to the number who may come, as long as they are related to someone who has come this way.

Most of us have no problem with a mother, baby, and immediate family coming. But the families are extended indefinitely and expodentially

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@Yellowdog: Wrong. Babies born on US soil (including territories such as Guam) are automatically US citizens. Mothers, fathers and everyone else are not “automatically American citizens, can get food, housing, aid and medical care” for limitless amounts of people, indefinitely and exponentially (or as you spelled it, “expodentially”), as you stated.

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Well since I am a proponent of open borders I am appalled.

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@Yellowdog Well, my husband was a citizen and he couldn’t sponsor his brother. What you say is wrong and misleading. He could bring in his parents, but had to sign paperwork about being responsible for them.

We don’t have whole extended families coming in just because a baby in the family is American. What does happen is other family member start making their way over here.

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I’d rather someone have birthright citizenship by being born here than by born and raised on foreign soil, but having an American parent.

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@JLeslie Thanks for those numbers. I think my original post could be misunderstood to read as criticism of America. It’s really just criticism of Trump.

“America let’s in more immigrants than any other country in the world every year by a long shot. I feel like the world has no idea that’s still the case.”

Are you talking about absolute numbers, or relative? Or both? I’m curious now. So how many immigrants does the US allow to stay per year?

Of course, I would still be angry about this even if every other country in the world did the same. The fact that it could be worse doesn’t excuse stunts like this.

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I googled a little. I found this link, I hope it’s trustworthy.

It’s 2015 though. I’d like to find current numbers for you. I can look more later. Or, maybe someone else has information.

Keep in mind if you cans to America for 6 months in a student exchange program and had a baby, your baby would be American. No European country does that. None that I know of.

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