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How do people decide who should be chosen as best director of a movie?

Asked by LostInParadise (26782points) 3 weeks ago

I can see how they might vote for best actor or best picture, but what criteria can be used to determine the contribution made by the director?

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You must learn what the director does, then it will become evident.

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Let me expand a bit on @Sagacious .

The director is the person whose artistic vision ties all the pieces of the movie together – choice of scenes, music, dialog and how it is delivered, plot tension, and so on and so forth.

The producer pulled together the operational aspects – budget, location, (usually) the actors, and lots of other details that make movies possible. But the director is the one responsible for ‘telling the story’ using the factors I mentioned above.

In short, a producer deals with money and facts, and the director figures out how to effectively tell the story.

To answer your question, @LostInParadise – the people voting on Best Director are really making an assessment – what director best told the story in the film?

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First, he has to be a white male. Then go by what @elbanditoroso said.

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It is judgement on the total package and how well it is all assembled. Which is why best picture so frequently coincides with best director.

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Another analogy would be a still photographer. There are models and other subjects, and there may be set designers and clothing and makeup people. There might be a fashion house creating clothes for the shot.

But I think it’s easy to understand how the person with the camera is the artist who deserves credit for the beautiful photos.

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One criteria could be, picking amongst five nominees whose films all told great stories and all well produced technically, a judge could give the top prize to the director of the film who has the most powerful emotional and psychological impact on said judge.

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Who chooses the screenwriter? Wouldn’t that be the producer?

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I would assume normally it’s the producer who chooses which script to produce or screenwriter to commission.

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