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Dream someone's memories? Ridiculous I know?

Asked by Koi (59points) January 25th, 2020

Anyone ever dreamed someone else’s memories? I was telling someone close to me my ridiculously disturbing dream and instead of them saying how silly it was and laughing it off or asking what was wrong with my brain, they looked like they had just seen a ghost. I asked what was wrong, what was wrong, and they proceeded to tell me about the terrible thing that happened to them that they never told ANYONE about. The exact thing happened in my dream. Why would this happen? I’m a bit spooked and don’t normally believe in this type of thing so am at a loss. Is there any reasonable explanation for experiencing this?

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No explanation within what we can currently measure or observe. But a lot of “weird” stuff does happen all the time, and it seems completely random.

What we sense with our five senses, and perceive / experience as time and space (and events within them), there is a greater reality beyond which we do not perceive the mechanics of. In other words, the universe, that is, reality itself, is more than what we perceive it to be,

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Could also be a coincidence. Every human experiences different things in life. There is a chance that something experience by one person turns out to be similar to someone else.

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Coincidence only.

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Premonition, so that you could understand your friend better.

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You are right; it is a ridiculous premise.

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I can only offer an anecdote.

I once dreamt, that I was an African man. I was in a village, that got genocided. It started with me just living in the village. Then, trucks, and bad people came in, and started killing us. I ran around, trying to escape the devastation. Me, and maybe a few dozen, took shelter, in an old warehouse or factory. I could smell the others, and feel the tension. The attackers started to get into the place.
They succeeded in getting through the metal doors. At that time, we rushed them, in hopes our numbers would push them back. But. They had machine guns, and grenades. They decimated us, and a grenade landed right by me. I closed my eyes, and the grenade went off. I felt the explosion, and it killed me…
Then I woke up…

I remember every detail. Like it was my own personal experience…

I cannot find a reasonable explanation of this dream. But. It was traumatic, and disturbing.

I am an atheist. I don’t believe in much. But. The dream, was SO real.
It left me feeling that I’d experienced, somehow, the death of a real person.

It sounds crazy. It defies, all of my beliefs.

I don’t understand, any part of it.

Part of me, thinks that it actually happened. And somehow, I revisited this stranger’s last moments…

The memories of the dream, have stuck with me….

The memory, still haunts me…

This dream, was 10 years ago.

I’m at a loss for words…

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I don’t know what to think of it.
My husband and I had the same dream where we hit a white Ford work van with our car and died.This was years ago.
So far so good.

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Perhaps a hidden memory from a past life?
Or a story for a book?

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^I don’t know what to say about it. I’m a lucid dreamer. I almost never have dreams, like that one.
It wasn’t me.
I’ve never dreamt a dream, that I recall, when I wasn’t me.
And I had no lucid capabilities.
It was literally, like I was reliving some poor African man’s last moments. Through his eyes…

VERY odd…

I don’t know if it could be made into a book. It was the last 10 minutes, of a life. I would have to create a story, leading up to the dream. I don’t have a clue, who he was. No clue about the village, or the people who killed us all.
It was SO real.
It’s stored in my memory. Like any other real event, in my real life.
I have told the story of the dream, to countless people. Some of them were doctors. Nobody can say anything different than what I think. It was just a weird dream…

I have an emotional reaction to the memory. I’m still mad at the people who killed us all, and confused about why… That alone, is weird…
If I had my normal lucid powers, I could have stopped the attack. But, I wasn’t in control of anything. I was just seeing through the eyes, of this black man. I was a passenger, and was just along for the ride…

Crazy. Just crazy…

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Check out this possibility.

“How does on know when a lucid dream is of a past reincarnation”.. › ... › Reincarnation and Past Lives
Types of Past Life Memories | LoveToKnow

Discover how to tell if you have a memory of a past life.

Kinds of Past Life Memories.
It may surprise you to learn that you may have past life memories but are… one of the most profound ways to remember a past life is through lucid dreams.

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^Hmmmm. I’ll look into it.

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