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How do I get firefox to remember my password that doesn't have a "Remember Me" option ?

Asked by mirza (5042points) August 31st, 2008

So i check my school’s email multiple times a day. The problem is i have to put in my username (which is long) and password everytime i check my mail. Anyway to make firefox remember my passwords.

If it helps, this is the site that i am having problems with

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I use a Sxipper addon for this very purpose. It remembers all your usernames/passwords. When you change any info, it should ask you if you want to save new pw. It also is good for form filling (entering your name, address etc). Highly recommended.

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did you click never when it asks you to remember? Maybe someone else did it on the same computer? Go to the options and under the privacy tab you should be able to see what sites you’ve saved passwords to, or where you clicked never remember. Then you can change it if it shows up on one of the lists.

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Nope. There is no option for remembering – tried it multiple computers

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That’s because the form on that page has autocomplete set off. If you view source and search for ”<form”, you’ll see the tag and its autocomplete=“off” attribute. What that attribute does is request that the browser not offer to save the username/password for that form/URL.

The site’s designers probably put that there as a security measure, like to keep the clueless from saving their usernames & passwords when using public computers.

Anyhow, if you get Firefox to save the username/password just once, it will auto-fill them for you each time you visit the page, in spite of the autocomplete=“off”. And fortunately, you can use a “bookmarklet” to get rid of the autocomplete attribute in the DOM, which will basically make it as though the site’s designers had never put that attribute there at all.

Bookmarklets are just a way of running some JavaScript on a page, using a bookmark to store the script. They’re basically just bookmarks that use a “javascript:” URL instead of an “http:” URL.

So here’s what you do: browse to and drag the “remember password” to your bookmarks toolbar (if it’s not showing, use View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar to turn it on). Then when you browse to your school’s site, click the “remember password” bookmark that’s now in your toolbar; you’ll get a popup stating that autocomplete was removed from 1 form. Then fill in your username and password as usual, click Go to log in, and Firefox should offer to remember the username/password for you.

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Jason’s answer should get you there. If you’re even a little bit of a geek, you’ll find that there’s a whole world of bookmarklets for this and that out there.

If you’re even more of a geek, GreaseMonkey or Firebug, both Firefox add-ons, can do similar things and let you mess with (ahem, improve) web pages in ways their authors never intended :-).

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1 Go to the Tools menu and then you can find the options
2 Find the Security Tab
3 Click the Exceptions button or Alt + x
4 You can find the pull down menu. Remove the site name which is not asking save password

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