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PC lock up issue help?

Asked by nightwolf5 (1429points) 3 weeks ago

I wished I knew why this happens. Sometimes I will hear my PC fan go a little louder for a short second, then both my mouse and keyboard locks up and I have to restart. Happens every so often at random. Could be once a day, but you never really know. This is a new PC I got around Dec. 20. It’s a Ryzen 5 gaming PC with Windows 10. I have seen online others have had similar issues. I saw one setting fix on a YouTube video, tried that, and it lessened but still happens. Any thoughts of what to do, or why this is happening? Thanks.

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It’s hard to diagnose without actually seeing it. But I have a couple thoughts.

What you are describing is indicative of something sporadically taking a LOT of your memory and CPU, basically making your machine SO BUSY for a few moments that:
a) the processor is drawing more power, meaning
b) that the processor is hotter, meaning
c) that the fan comes on

In addition, if some process is really going crazy and gobbling up all the processor capacity and memory, it would have the effect of making other processes (mouse, keyboard, etc.) wait until that crazy process is done.

What you are describing fits perfectly the idea of a rogue process.

Two things to do:

1) go to a command prompt and type TASKMGR (Task Manager).
on that display, go to the Processes tab
you have a choice between Fewer Details and More Details. Choose More Details

You will see a display with the program name (on left) and a bunch of columns on the right.

The ones you want to look at are CPU, MEMORY, and DISK. Let the PC sit for a few minutes. Your CPU should be somewhere around 10–15%, your Memory 20–30%, and Disk 15–20% if you’re letting it sit.

If your percentages are higher, then something is going on. Click on the percentage for CPU, so that it sorts by percentage, highest to lowest. That will tell you what process is eating your CPU. Same with Memory (which is probably where your problem is), and then also with Disk.

Now – if you see things spiking and the percentages going up and down that is an indication of what program is causing your problems.

If it stays calm, then keep TASKMGR open, but do something else – open a browser, listen to music, anything. And see how the numbers and percentages react.

My guess is that there is a misbehaving process.

So what do you do about it? It depends on the process. At a minimum, while still in TASKMGR, go to the Startup tab. That will list all the processes that start up when you reboot your computer. You will have a bunch where the status is ENABLED.

Look at them – my suspicion is that when you bought your computer, a whole ton of programs start at boot – which are totally unnecessary and gobble up your CPU and memory.

Right click on the line with the program name, and select DISABLE for the programs that you don’t know or recognize. Don’t disable WIndows Host Process or your mouse or anything important.

Exit and reboot, and see if things improve.

There are other things to try but they get more complicated.

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Thanks you @elbanditoroso

So I did open task manager with it just sitting the CPU is 2% Memory at about 20 and disk at 0%, and with listening to youtube/music the CPU goes up to 10% the rest the same.

I didn’t get this PC store bought, it was built for me by a friend that can build computers, I just was hoping to figure something out about it, because it’s odd. And he sometimes can have a busy schedule.

I looked at the startup programs. There’s actually only 8, so no not a lot. and I do know them all. ClamWin Antivirus and Divx Player Server Launcher being set to the highest. So I didn’t disable any of them.


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Maybe its windows ten updates or other program updates?
Check your settings for timed updates.

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Return your bios to factory default. Go from there.

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Any chance your fan is faulty??? I’d be contacting the friend who built it to get oh their list of possible repairs as I wouldn’t have the knowledge to replace the fan myself!!!

Since the youtube video helped some, you might want to go through those steps one more time to see IF it might help more this time.

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You could download the free Home version of WhoCrashed and it might be able to tell you after it happens again. , scroll down to find it.

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@Zaku Thank you. I just downloaded that!

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@Zaku It happened early, but after it locks and I have to manually reset, the WhoCrashed program does come up after it reboots to tell me anything. I am going to keep trying to look into it, but thankfully I might get some help this weekend with it from them.

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