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If there was an important task that you had to start doing in the morning yet it's already evening and you haven't done anything at all, what would be the most likely explanation in your case?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24452points) 3 weeks ago

As asked.

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Um. Daid? I usually get my stuff done.

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I’m thinking about it.

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I forgot about it because I was busy doing something more important, or an emergency helping somebody else came up.

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I didn’t really want to do it

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I dead or in the hospital.

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When that happens to me it’s usually my body warning me I’m burnt out and need to take a mental health day.

If I ignore that warning (which I sometimes do), I will likely get sick next.

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I working on my procrastination skills.

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That it’s my average day.
Executive dysfunction strikes again.

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Lazy, tired, cold, enjoying relaxing.

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Scanning old negatives. Just passed 1000. I seem to have put almost every thing else on hold.

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^^That would do it. :)

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I made it to the 2000s!

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^^No scan-ty achievement at all.

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After 4 or 5 hours straight scanning, sorting, sending to interested parties, posting some to Facebook with descriptions, saving, I feel like I’ve been hit by a train.
@jca2 has been watching and suffering, mostly in silence. I’m almost done girlfriend!!

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