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Is "burn" an ingredient?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) January 28th, 2020

Go ahead, answer. :)

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I didn’t know until I was in high school that hamburgers weren’t usually black. So in my mom’s case (God rest her soul), yes, burnt was an ingredient.

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@chyna -Lol! My mom also cooked that way.I carried on that tradition
Pork chops were the worst but us kids developed a bite like a pitbull.

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I think that would be searing (taken too far), as a handling in a recipe.

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@rebbel -So that’s what I did to that soup…

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Ah, a soup.
Soup needs near constant stirring.

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@rebbel -I’ve heard that rumor before.

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No. It’s a result of cooking at high temperatures or cooking too long.

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@JLeslie -That’s crazy talk!! :D

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No. Even flambe is not an ingredient.

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Caramelization could be considered an ingredient.

And I absolutely overcook meat. I cover my burned hamburger patties in a thick slab of cheese and ketchup. And my steak that is more like jerky ends up in a taco covered in cheese and sour cream.

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@johnpowell Did my mom teach you that?

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Oh yes.. My mom couldn’t be bothered with a meat thermometer. She just kept cooking until it lost 50% of its volume. No pink in the meat.

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@johnpowell -I’m very familiar with that. lol

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Ingredient, no, step, yes.
It is sometimes a desired result. Toast, singe, burn, sear, all different terms for essentially the same thing.

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Blackened Cajun?

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I call toast “Jacko”
It don’t matter if It’s black or white!

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Fancy chefs do call it “burn”. They say “caramelize.”

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^ Ugh! Too late to edit. I meant “do not”.
Fancy chefs do not call it “burn.” They say “caramelize.”

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Is it when I’m cooking.

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@LuckyGuy -That’s how rumors get started! :D

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