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Has anyone out there seen some good Grateful Dead show's?

Asked by Yesican (28points) August 31st, 2008

when,where etc…

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Yes, at the Fillmore East, in New York City in 1971 or 1972. They played until two in the morning and I think they would have gone longer but I heard that management cut them off at 2 due to NYC regulations about playing on a Sunday morning.
I can’t remember much else, it’s been a long time and I was fairly wasted that night too.


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I saw one in Tacoma. I was taken by my cousin, who followed the Dead closely. He said it wasn’t one of their best, but I think I kind of ‘got it.” Without the drug part.

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i haven’t seen them, but i have 2 tidbits of information for you!

1. if you go to and search for grateful dead under the live music archive, you can find old shows of theirs for free download

2. the remaining members are reportedly reuniting on october 13th to support the Obama for President campaign. citation

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Hhhhmmmm. I was so **** I don’t remember. Gotta ask someone… I remember the foot long hotdogs, though.

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I think it might have been in 1988 at the Hartford Civic Center in Connecticut….

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