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Why is red the color of the conservatives in USA, and in Canada it's the liberal's?

Asked by flo (13313points) January 29th, 2020

Canada and USA are not that different, but blue represents the democrats in USA, and red represents is conservatives. In Canada it’s the opposite. Why?

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Canadians gotta do everything backwards.

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I think that the US has this backwards. Canada has it right.
Red is the color of communism which is closer to liberal democrat socialism than blue.

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They are primary colors. All nations have used primary colors for their flags.
There are only 3 primary colors.

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Republicans used to be represented as blue. When Reagan won they said the electoral map went blue for the candidate from the state of Pacific blue waters.

The way I understand it, a lot of people didn’t like the implication that left leaning democrats would be associated with communism with the visual of red, so it was switched.

Edit: I should add some networks were using other colors. It wasn’t until more recently that all networks standardized to Republican red and Democrat blue.

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Are there countries that use other than red or blue for the two parties?

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Look at color swap and continue reading beyond that for the history.

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Thanks I will.

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