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What material or device near to you could you use to injure an intruder?

Asked by Coolhandluke (1999points) 3 weeks ago

…to ease the political rants.

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I have a plain nice ballpoint pen that would pierce an eyeball, throat or other soft tissue. Hot coffee in the face may slow them down. Many monitors I could throw at them. A heavy steel stapler that would hurt.
And of course, my office is in the back close to an exit, so I could run calling 9–1-1.

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Here come the guns….

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I have a machete on the bookshelf next to my bed.

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@rebbel Guns are not allowed in my workplace.

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German Shepherd Dog and my fists of fury

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< This robot
Blow gun
Small wooden folding table
Humpback metal cigarette roller
Actual dictionary with paper pages
Bamboo backscratchers
Within reach is a stackable set of organizer drawers. One of them contains all my hand tools. One of them is a cool stubby-handled hammer. The head is normal size and weight. It really saves wear and tear on the wrist.

I am ambidextrous when it comes to self defense.

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My most powerful weapon is my brain.
I have a dummy safe filled with fake gold coins, fake gold Rolex Watch, $100 in ones, other fake stuff.
Also I have a semi automatic 22 rifle, a WWII bayonet and a can of hornet spray.

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@gondwanalon Hey, that is pretty smart, I may try that!

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Hammer, machete, bayonet, hornet spray…
Terrorists beware.

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A scented candle & my rapier like wit!

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@ucme -Does it smell like fear??

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@lucillelucillelucille No, the pie the wife just took out the oven, that’s what fear smells like!

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I have a couple guns, I have a knife, a sword, a baseball bat, a can of pepper spray, a stun gun…Pretty much anything.

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A crowbar. I’m at my upstairs desk and keep a crowbar by my bed. There are several other potential weapons close by.

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Pull the Fire alarm.

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Unfortunately, my workplace does not allow a firearm to be on my side so…..

Near to me are dial calipers which would hurt like hell if used like an ice pick in someone’s throat or chest area, or eyeball. I do have a 30mm shell from an A-10 Warthog on my desk. Other than that, I’d stamp them to death with my inspector stamp.

Plus, I could simply beat the unholy shit outta somebody with my hands.

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I have an ice axe behind the bedside dresser.

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A Netgun and pepperspray.

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By the way even just a pencil or pen could do as a weapon.

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Geometry compass/divider. Lamp. Baseball bat. Brick.

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