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Has anybody else ever experienced something like this before?

Asked by MaisyS (652points) January 30th, 2020

I was recently friendzoned by a girl that I have crushed on a while. She told me that she initially felt she may like me but ultimately she only likes me as a friend.
And although I’ve really felt for her for more than a few months now, I’m somehow not heartbroken.
I’m just a little sad, like I feel like something’s missing from my chest, but I also feel a little light and easy. The sadness is there but not so crushing that I’d say I’m heartbroken. Think of it as somewhere between heartbroken and mildly disappointed.
Has anyone else ever experienced such a thing? I expected to be much more crushed but really I’m okay, and I’m surprised. We aren’t even awkward around each other. The transition from potentially being more than friends and just being friends has been seamless. It’s so confusing and I’m a little concerned if I’m honest haha. What is your take on this and have you ever gone through something similar?

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Is the crush the girl that starred in your previous questions?
If so, I think it’s not too abnormal to have just a slight heartbrake feeling (if she is the same girl that told everybody that wanted to hear it that “you were a dyke”).
Your heart probably reasons that yes, you had the hots for her, but in the same time realizes she outed you (taking away your possibility to do so in your own chosen tempo/moment).

Then again, if this is not about said girl, one can also imagine that we all experience hardship differently, in varying degrees.

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Sounds very healthy to me.

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Since when does the end of any relationship have to be some overly dramatic, soul crushing experience?Sometimes things don’t work out.

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Sometimes, you can confuse love, with lust. Lust, is far more curable, than love…

If it’s a matter of girl, to girl, sex is still plausible. I have always thought that a female is x amounts of drinks away from getting with another girl…

When I worked with a majority of females, at the Veterinary Emergency Hospital, one chick hooked up with at least 5, other women. I’m not sure how, but she did it. I only got 3, in 9 years. She was there, for like 4 years…

In retrospect, she had a better strategy, than me. Or. It, was just easier.

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It’s a story as universal and familiar as green grass.

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