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Do you like to spend time outdoors?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) February 1st, 2020

What are you doing out there?

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Like the outdoors depending on weather and safety
Photographing and Hiking
Attending outdoor activities/ festivals sometimes.

Taking photographs of Sun Rise and or Sunsets ( 5AM at times and late other times 11 Pm)

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I love going outdoors for many reasons. But I can’t do the camping thing. I’ve watched too many movies

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Assuming you mean recreational time outdoors…
I like to ride my bike. I like golf.
I like to take photographs.
I like to fish.

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No. I like staying indoors. I like shopping for groceries. I feel vulnerable waiting for a taxi home.

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@Inspired_2write -I like to photograph birds on my walks.
@CoffeeT – The ones with bears are the worst for me.
@josie -Recreational or when you lock yourself out of your house. :)
@RedDeerGuy1 -I see.

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I do, very much so. My favorite things to do outdoors are hiking and mountain biking, but I also enjoy reading outside or just taking a leisurely walk through a garden.

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@Demosthenes -Lots of photo ops in gardens.

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Since my stroke, I have a very difficult time hiking…or even walking. I have one of those gravity chairs that I keep just off my porch & front walkway. I’ll go out, sit in it, pull out my phone to check my email, watch a few videos & listen to some good blues. I’ll sit there for 15–30 minutes. Good way to gain some vitamin D!!! My Lab usually comes over & lays her head in my lap cutting her puppy dog eyes at me as she tries to tell me how cute she is & also about her day. GREAT way to get out of the doldrums!!!

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I love being outdoors in the city or by the ocean. I find both very calming and need to make time to do both more often.

Conversely, I do not like being in the woods or laying on the beach. Both make me nervous.

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I do. I don’t have an innate need to try to conquer it; I just like being outdoors where there is a breeze and fresh air. I don’t like to do yard work but I enjoy a nice yard and pool near which to sit and read a book. As I am getting older I am filled with a sense of being part of the Earth. I find it a really nice aspect of aging.

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It’s my favorite thing to do. That’s why I love where I live because I’m surrounded by so much natural beauty. I like to sit by the lake, swim, sunbathe, hike, boat, fish, ice skate or take photos of wildlife and the scenery.

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I love kayaking/canoeing, and fishing. Especially in places, there aren’t a lot of people. I find a tranquility, to being in the swamps… I feel, accepted there. And it’s beautiful. Even if I’m not catching any fish. And I LOVE, eating fish…
Bream, and Crappie, are my favorites. I like Catfish too, but it’s kind of boring fishing on the bottom…
I really like seeing the dolphins, and sea turtles, in the salt water… They make me feel at peace. There’s nothing like being surrounded by dolphins. They make it hard, to fish. But. It’s awesome having them swim around me. They seem friendly, and I feel safer, when they are around. They always scare me, at first. But. Then, it’s very relaxing. It’s like they are escorting me… lt’s spiritual…

I always carried a side arm, in the woods. So. I felt pretty safe.
I used to take my dogs, for long walks through the Francis Marion forest. We had a great time…

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I love driving out to the scenic overlooks of the mountains.I can stand there forever looking at the beauty laying out before me. The air is fresh, crisp and the view is usually breathtaking. Having a bad back, my hiking is limited to whether it’s a good day or a bad day. On a good day, I walk the easier kiddie trails. On a bad day, I simply admire the beauty of this great country

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I walk with the dogs, yard work and bicycle. The guys toss a football or play bball on the street.

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Home may be sweet, but outdoors is hard to beat!
I live for the fresh air, the invigorating slap to the senses & the wind in my hair…okay, scratch that last one lol

I run miles & miles, 40 this past week & a lot else besides.
Sex outside is kinda good too, just avoid stinging nettles :(

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I used to love going out for long walks in spring and fall when I was in a different town. Back home though, I stay indoors. Crime rate is too high and people gossip if a woman is out and about too much because they too have no hobbies. I miss being outdoors! Loved reading these answers!

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@cookieman -Nervous? If you’re in bear country, just make sure to take a slower hiking partner.:D

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@MrGrimm888 – I’d take my dog and a bat. Sometimes the dog would carry the bat. XD

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@SEKA -It’s good that you’re getting out there :)

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@KNOWITALL -Ever take the dogs biking? I did that. Once. XD

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@ucme I hope you’re not alone when you do that. LOL

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@Nuggetmunch -Me too. Maybe you can find a place to go that’s safe.

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I do, I hate being pent up inside, I mean I HATE it. Short days and cold, gray weather of east Tennessee winter brings me down hard. It more or less forces me to be inside more. About the only fun thing this time of year is that the sap starts to run for maple syrup. Past couple of years I have been taking a long weekend the last week of January to go visit relatives in Phoenix. I just got back from 75 degree weather and several days of hiking in the sun. I already feel 100X better. Just one long weekend like this knocks down my SAD symptoms. I can’t wait for spring. I like the ocean but I LOVE spending time in the woods. It’s where I spent my childhood playing so it brings me peace and most of my adult worries and anxieties disappear.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me – We just got snow yesterday. Give winter walks a chance.
I like them because it is so quiet out there and I can spot things (birds,animals) quicker as the leaves are gone.
No bugs either. That alone is worth it. :)

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We don’t get snow. We get the worst conditions, 38–40 degrees and rain in the grey dark. There is nothing fun about walking in that.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me -I see.
I don’t love a downpour, but drizzle I can handle.
Snow though, is much better. I will say that the next time I hear someone complain about it. lol

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I’d kill for a downpour. We’re on our way to another drought here in California/northern Nevada. :(

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@lucillelucillelucille Hahaha!
I imagine that would be desperately sad & might get you scornful looks from nearby cows.

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^Cows, are actually awesome. Except for the Bulls, with balls…

I love going to my county fair, just to play with the cows. They’re actually very sweet animals. I get wasted, and pet every cow I can.

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I can’t trust a square arsed mute!

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VERY MUCH! ...and yes I yelled this.

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@Coolhandluke—That’s allowed in Nature’s Library.
Wth is that??lol

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Yes I love being outdoors

Summer Time_ I enjoy spending time at the beach with the option of having shade for retreat. Good music, relaxation, couple cold beverages, great scenery, catch a few waves, short ones lol

Spring Time_ I enjoy going to The Village in NYC because there’s so many things to do and see there, such as outside Art Exhibits, Street Performances…ect. Lots to see and take in plenty of cool spots to walk to and check out, if your ok with being around lots of people.

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@PaisleyFaye -Both sound like a great time!

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@ Lucillelucillelucille its a great time totally! But id rather be on a shooting range somewhere! That sounds like a better time!

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@PaisleyFaye I can make that happen….

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@ Coolhandluke That sounds AWESOME! I bet you have enough artillery to for BADASS TRAINING! As a kid my Mom took me to a shooting range, maybe because a babysitter wasn’t available at the time. I recall her putting eyewear and large headphones on me, I sat there and watched her in action, she was an amazing woman…Miss her alot….

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