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What would be your reaction to a teenager calling you ugly?

Asked by Nevada83 (828points) February 3rd, 2020

Mine was: “Hey at least I don’t make myself look fake by using those silly filters.”

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Have you looked in a mirror lately?”

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At least ugly can be fixed, but stupid can’t.

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I’m old, and broken. I tell them that I had my beauty days, and at thirty looked better than they ever would. I point out that now it is somebody else’s turn, but apparently not them.

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The traditional answer: So’s your mama!

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I’m a white old man. Blad head. Blade thin. And I’m pretty ugly looking. In China I went for a long walk by myself. As I walked past a small group of young Chinese women they all turned to me pointed and laughed at me. I looked at them and laughed back and said, “Yea, I think you look pretty funny too.”. They likely didn’t speak English.

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Yeah, I’d give them a typical teenage response: “that’s not what your mom said last night!”

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Why would you need to react?

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Laugh & blow them a kiss!

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Haha! GQ. I love teenagers but they can be jerks, too.

Probably I’d automatically flip them the bird and keep walking. It’s more amusing than offensive to me.

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I’d probably agree.

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“You are correct!”

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I’d laugh. Maybe tell them to not be so childish if I didn’t think twice before speaking.

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I’d probably try to crush them emotionally by detecting their insecurity and driving home a vicious retort to destroy their ego.

Punk: “You’re ugly.”
Me: “Your parents obviously never loved you enough to invest in teaching you respect for others. You aren’t even worthy of being a disappointment to them, you’re just a burden and always will be. What a sad and pathetic little person you are.”

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Well, in my phantasy, this would happen.

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I’d smile really big and respond “Thank you”. They just want to get under your skin and I don’t play that game

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Ignore them and keep walking.
I wouldn’t even acknowledge them.

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I’m not ugly, I’m a mirror.

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Many years ago I got an email with a comment from some young girls saying that my picture on my Web site was ugly. I don’t know how I knew the comment was from young females. They must have somehow provided that information. I answered back saying that perhaps they would prefer to use their picture instead. Not surprisingly, I never heard back from them.

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loved your answer…ha ha ha

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Also should had answered with ” Who cares what you think?” works well too.

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I would say “No shit. What’s your point?”

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When I was a teenager, teenagers called me ugly. Didn’t bother me then since I was really into skateboarding.

Now I just laugh since since this ugly dude has had a lot of sex. And I can buy my own stuff. I can buy beer, and drink a beer in my kitchen while I make fish sticks and tater tots.

And this old ugly dude doesn’t use twitter or facebook or instagram. I just do my own thing. I’m not jealous of you and your million attempts to get the perfect duck-face and wait for the likes to come in.

And I live with my sisters 18 year old twin girls that are tied to their phones. They are shipwrecks.

I am so very glad social media (I hate that term) wasn’t a thing when I was in high school.

I hung out with the punk rockers/skaters/alternateens in high school. Pretty much everyday after school we would go to Larry and Kathys to get food and coffee. There would be about 15 of us spanning multiple tables/booths. For a buck you could get bottomless coffee and for three bucks you could get a grilled cheese and fries.

But I was living with my sister at the time and she was a bit of a homework nazi. So I would do homework right when I got there since homework was around 95% of the grade when I was in high school. And some people followed my lead and would bang out homework too. Then we could relax and chat nonsense with everyone else once the schoolwork was done. This also had the benefit of being a daily study session. I was the math guy, Jason covered writing/English.

But we had a deal with the waitresses. Tip well, and get the fuck out once the dinner crowd started coming in. Then the group would break apart. The skaters would go skate, the stoners would go stone. And we would all get together on the weekends to alcoholism together.

But the years spent in Larry and Kathys after school were the best years of my life.

The internet wasn’t a thing normal people had heard of back then. Nobody had cellphones. If they had been around the experience would have been much worse. It probably wouldn’t have happened at all.

My sisters kids are what I would consider popular. But they barely ever interact with real people. And it is gross.

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“fuck off”

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The teenager was trying to get a reaction, and its best to NOT give it back.
It takes the wind out of there sails,so to speak.

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@Inspired Punks will sometimes attack when ignored. Ya’ll better flex and show an attitude these days.

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It pays to have grown up around punks, when it comes time for verbal insults. A bad haircut or visible pimple on your opponent and they can be readily destroyed. But as I said previously, if you can’t see them the ready salvo on the tip of your tongue to “You’re ugly” should be along the lines of “that ain’t what your mama thinks”.

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How about “If you want my comeback, you have to scrape it off your mum’s teeth.”

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Too wordy. It requires a wit to digest that is uncommon among those prone to randomly dishing insults on the streets.!

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I would agree with him/her simply because I AM ugly,

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Pee Wee Herman always took the opportunity to say I know you are, but what am I? Then after that he repeated it for everything they had to say until they shut up

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@SEKA Funny! I completely forgot about that!

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I guess you’d know ugly, I’ve seen your parents.

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Reminds me of this.

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