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How to make toast without a toaster, toaster oven, (the usual appliances)?

Asked by flo (12839points) 2 weeks ago

As asked.

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Use the oven. Broil it over an open camp fire. Place it directly on a stove top burner.

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I’ve cooked toast on a gas flame burner. Stuck a fork through the edge used a potholder to hold the fork.

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Use the grill from the oven and place it over a medium setting of heat on the stove top.

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Broil close to the flame/element, and then flip it over and do it again. Watch it closely, bread browns up very fast.

If you don’t want to use the oven you can toast it in a pan on the stove.

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I’ve been making toast and frozen waffles in the oven ever since my GF burned up the toaster and waffle iron on the stove. Put the hear on 240 degrees F. takes about 4 minutes.

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Put butter on one side and grill it in a pan. Just like a grilled cheese sandwich without the cheese.

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Get a magnifying glass. Focus the sun’s rays on your bread.

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Place a lite amount of butter on the bread, put an old school iron on the fire, let it get REALLY HOT then lightly glide iron over the toast and watch it brown.

Sounds weird but in desperate times people can get creative.

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@PaisleyFaye Be sure to place wax paper or aluminum foil over the bread.
@Dutchess_lll LOL

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We used to go around burning our friends behind their backs!

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@YARNLADY Ya got that right! Lol

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Suspend it over a burner on the stove/range with a coat hanger.

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I use the oven sometimes to toast a bagel, so 350 degrees, for about 10 minutes.

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Wait….does the oven count as one of the “usual appliances” which we aren’t supposed to have for this question?

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Fry it in a pan.

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@jca2 Do you do that because the bagel is too thick for the toaster? I cut my bagels in thirds. Why do you bake instead of broil?

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Put the oven on 450 degrees f. and cook it for 8 minutes, then cool the oven down to 115 degrees and cook the other side for six minutes while you slather eight mg of malted milk on it and cool down. Soon, it will be ready.

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@JLeslie: I will bake instead of broil because when I broil, the thing gets burned very quickly. With baking, it’s more gradual so more room for error. When I broil, it will be burned after about four minutes.

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@jca2 True, broil you need to be watching very closely (I wrote that above) but that’s why I like broil, it’s faster. Plus, I guess maybe the bread could dry out more baking it, but I’m not sure that matters much.

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You can make a toasting rig out of a clothes hanger to hold bread over your stove element.

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@JLeslie: I feel like with broiling, you’re tied to the oven. With baking at 350, you can do something else for ten minutes and come back.

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