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Which Business Name is Best?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11903points) 2 weeks ago

I’m still struggling to come up with a name for my photography and event planning business. I’ve narrowed it down to Stardust Photography & Events or Lindsey Lee Photography & Events. I really do love the idea of having Stardust in the name but as I search through business card designs, I’m wondering if it’s a little confusing to have moon/stars/galaxy related things when it’s a photo and event company. What do you think?

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Even though I do like the name Stardust, I prefer the Lindsey Lee Photography & Events as it rolls off the tongue easier!!!

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Pick one that comes the closest to the beginning of the alphabet. With so many photographers out there, people in general pick one that starts with “A.”

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Good advice by @kritiper. How about “A Sprinkling of Stardust Photo and Event Co.”

I think Lindsey Lee sounds a little “girlish.”

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Lindsey Lee Event Services?

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@JLeslie It’s a photography business also. I have to make sure people know that.

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I’d either go with “my real name photography & events” or something completely out-of-the-box.
“I’ll Shoot You And Your Groom – Photography & Events”.

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Ok, I thought event would cover everything. I was trying to shorten it.

I like your name, it’s a nice alliteration. Lindsey Lee Photography and Events.

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Although few people write checks anymore, I like a name that is easy and quick to write on a check.
Also, the business name is never going to cover everything that might be done so it might be best to leave some of the details you want to include in a name to your advertising. (In other words, leave the “events” part off.)

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I like Lindsey Lee Photography & Events.

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It should start with S.

S words are power words.

If you name it after yourself, it will be more difficult to hire an associate when you get famous and too busy for yourself and you have to use operatives.

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I agree with @kritiper.
Don’t try to make the name do everything. Having a catch phrase does that.
Choose a name which people will remember. Have a catch phrase that tells more.
That is especially important if you want to make changes later. The catch phrase can easily be changed without mucking with the name.
People go alphabetical for automotive repair and roofing, but for event planning theey go to fancy ads or video advertising.
I searched housing rentals by video walkthrough.
Almost nobody picks up a yellow pages anymore.
So, LL Photography is your best bet. Make your web page show them you deserve their business.

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I would pick a keyword rich name to help with organic Google/Bing/etc. traffic. Ideally it would have what you do and where you do it in the name. For example, If someone was looking for Skateboards in Cleveland on Google and you wanted to pick a name for your skateboard shop in Cleveland. You could name your shop Gleaming Cubes (reference) or something, but including both the location and Skateboards in the title would probably be a good idea. If it’s a big city, and you live in an area outside that city that people might use for search, it could be beneficial to use that location in your title instead of the larger area in some instances: e.g. “Avon Lake Skateboards and x” where “x” could be something funny, edgy, classy or whatever is appropriate that gives your brand personality.

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Lindsey Lee Lens a Hand
okay, I’ll get my coat!

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I freaking love that!^

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@ucme wins! Go with that!

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Use your name.

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Whatever you choose, be sure to search for available domain names.

For example, is taken, but is available.

You can search here (amongst other places):

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Stardust sounds old timey and hippieish, so I’d choose Lindsey Lee Photography

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“LL Events and Photography.”

Like LL Cool J LOL.

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Give ‘er L! ^
because, there’s, so many, see?

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@jca2 My boyfriend just suggested the same thing.

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@SEKA I’m a hippie at heart so that’s probably why! But I don’t want to limit my clients by sounding like I only cater to one type of demographic so I see your point.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 My mom and dad ere hippies so it wouldn’t bother me, but it does kind of date you to the kids coming up under me and they are the ones getting married and having babies

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It’s true that, for the most part, people don’t use the Yellow Pages. But some people do and it’s cheap advertising that works!

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Word of mouth is the best advertising & the cheapest way to go!!!

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Have you decided?

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@Patty_Melt I’m probably going with LL Photography & Events.

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