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Any home remedies, tips or tricks for getting a kidney stone to flush out?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10465points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

Mom’s got a kidney stone. She can’t seem to flush it out. Any advice before she gets it removed by force?

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A friend drank apple cider vinegar. I don’t know how much or the dilution but that is what she did.

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I think you have to sip it diluted throughout the day for acv. Hope someone has another idea. Doc said beer might do it.

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Drink plenty water.
Depending on how old and mobile your mother is, jumpingly take the stairs down (I did it in style ….)
Jump roping (or rope jumping….).
These are things that I have done myself (I peed my stone out; as a result of it? I don’t know, but it’s out nonetheless).

I’ve seen a guy on telly once who built a contraption on which he could lay himself and turn himself upside down (head down, feet up), for the goal of getting stones out (the idea is to make the stones move in the kidneys, obviously).

Good luck for your mom ridding it/them.
They suck.

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Go to Disney world and ride on the big thunder rollercoaster.

Alternatively drinking 2–3 litres of water and some painkillers can help. (The pain killers are optional but recommended).

Although seriously consider going to the doc. They have meds that relax the muscles urinary tract which make it much easier to pass the stone.

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Ah, yeah, forgot about those meds that @Lightlyseared mentioned.
I took these while I did my exercises.
They did have some side effects though.
I’ll have a look if I can find the name.

Edit: Tamsulosin, as prescribed by the urologist.

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Beer and cranberry juice, plenty of fluids.

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She needs a physician.

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I’ve been lucky enough to never have one, but my best friend’s dad had at least one every year. He increased is water supply greatly and suffered through the pain as it passed. Talk to a doctor about the sonic machine. No idea what they charge but she will be sitting in a tub of warm water when they send the sonic blast through it and it crushes the stone into smaller pieces so they will pass easier. I have a friend who used this method and swore it was much better than having an intact stone pass and safer than cutting one out

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I’ll have to go along with cranberry juice in mass quantities.

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I agree with @si3. Most women pass them easily, so if theres blood in her urine, take her immediately. If pain in back or anywhere, take her immediately.

I am not a doctor but my husband has had several and it can get terrible quick.

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When I had kidney stones, once a day I would chug one liter of water quickly (within a 5 minutes). Peed out a lot of sand size stones and one huge stone. It was so big that I couldn’t believe that I peed it out.

That was 40 years ago. Drinking plenty of water and stopping the supplements has stopped the kidney stone formation in my kidneys.

Good health!

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Apple Cider vinegar in Cranberry juice.

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I had kidney stones and one day there I went to relieve myself. I was in deep pain, running a fever. I held onto the washbasin with my right hand my left was occupied. I felt something rip out of me and I damn near ripped the countertop off. I checked the bowl for blood. There was none. I had no idea what had just happened to me, I went to my doctor who sent me to yet another doctor. They said I had kidney stones and more than likely I passed one. But there were others. They performed a procedure called a: “LIPSOTRIPCY. It vibrates and pulverizes the stones, and for the next week or so you have dark flakes in your urine.

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