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There is western democracy and then there is ....democracy." What goes in the blank?

Asked by flo (13313points) February 6th, 2020

As asked.

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Does something have to go in the blank? Is this a quote from something or just something that came wafting out of your brain?

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No, “Western” is not a type of democracy. Western is a cultural adjective.

A nation might be described (in part) as a “Western democracy”, but that is saying two different things about the nation, not about the type of democracy.

Examples of non-Western countries which are also democracies include Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, etc etc. You might call those “East Asian democracies” but you’d be talking about the cultural background of the nation, not the democracy.

HERE is a page listing types of democracy. The word “Western” does not appear on it.

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@Zaku “cultural democracy”? Do you have a link about that?

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Different types of democracy listed in link:

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Thanks @Inspired_2write. So, is cultural “democracy there”?

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Ethenic Democracy is listed, which may be cultural as well( same?)

The concept of cultural democracy comprises a set of related commitments: protecting and promoting cultural diversity, and the right to culture for everyone in our society and around the world; ... assuring fair and equitable access to cultural resources and support. › cddef
What Is “Cultural Democracy”?

click onto this part : ( that is in the above link in blue)
If you’d like more information about the” origins of the idea of cultural democracy,” check out the essays in the core resources section.

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I just gave you your 2 GAs. Sometimes it takes me a day or 2.
So, don’t the Western democracies don’t have that quality?

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I don’t know..research it more to determine.

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@flo “Western” is an adjective describing the cultural background of the nation, not modifying the type of democracy.

So Japan, for example, might be said to be a Southeast Asian democracy. But “democracy” there means “democratic nation” or “nation with a democratic government”. It doesn’t literally mean the form of government is Southeast Asian. And Japan’s form of government is not Southeast Asian nor Japanese (since it was drafted by the USA after World War Two). So “Southeast Asian democracy” means “Southeast Asian nation with a democratic government”. (And in that case, Southeast Asian might be mainly meaning geographic location.)

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@Inspired_2write There is nothing to research. Thanks for the link again.

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@Zaku Let’s just say we’re not on the same page.

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@flo Hehe! Clearly not!

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@Zaku “There is leather sole shoes and then there is….” means there is rubber sole, and….. and…”

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“Types of Shoe Soles”: Random site.

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Cork soles.

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