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Looking for a specific movie?

Asked by Jessy_B_ (14points) 2 weeks ago

The movie is about a woman who’s abusive husband dies or is in a coma and a war soldier who died in the war years ago takes over his body and everything is good with them. There’s romance and the woman trying to help the soldier/her husband understand her time instead of how things were back in the day then it starts getting to the end where her abusive husband tendencies and aggravation starts coming back and the ending scene is of the woman’s house and it goes to the window where the husband is yelling silently and that is like the end of the movie ..idk how to describe the movie well because its been so long but it was a great movie and wanted to show my friend the movie but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it?

Someone from another site said Sommersby but that isn’t the movie and the movie I am talking about was made in the 2000’s i just don’t know what year.

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Where was the movie produced/created?

What country , for a start to research for it?

What were the characters names?

Was a book written before the movie?

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Would help if you can recall where you saw it, big screen or TV? It could be just a movie made for TV. Right away I knew it wasn’t Sommersby since there was no supernatural element in that film. I’ll try to figure this out.

See if you can recall anymore details about it no matter how small. Maybe you have seen one of the cast in another movie, things like that.

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Try this link:
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Absolutely not Sommersby. That one’s just about a man who assumes the identity of another man, not a ghost who possesses a dead man’s body.

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Hello, thank you guys so much for helping. Its unfortunate that I honestly can not remember anything except for what I explained already about the movie…another scene I just thought about was when they got home he showered or whatever and originally the husband had facial hair/a beard and long hair and the guy shaved it and cut his hair short. I’m trying to remember more scenes but nothing else is really coming to me not even the names. I thought the mans name may have been michael but I don’t think it is but one of their names may start with an M…?

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