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When it comes to news, would you rather read an article, or watch a video?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44145points) February 9th, 2020

I asked this in 2009, but we have different Jellies now. Plus it’s been 10 years. I wonder if answers will be different?

I would rather read. I feel like videos trap me!

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Read. Video is too slow.

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I consume my news about astronomy and psychology through video.
Other news I try to avoid.
Of course some news comes to me anyway, but I never tune in voluntarily.

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Nova. Nat Geo. Love it.

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Video. Reading is hard on my eyes.

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I prefer to read. I hate news videos.

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I would rather read since it is 99% of the time faster. Unless it is a video of a chemical plant exploding in Texas or a plane crash. I guess I would rather read about those too, but with a video supplement if I want to watch the carnage.

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I like to watch the news at night.

As for other news, it depends. I like an in depth article for big stories, like crime. I like a short video for something about politics or other things.

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