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Asked by bmhit1991 (246points) August 31st, 2008

It doesn’t seem to be very popular now, but looks like a good tool? Is all the stuff from Shake integrated in Final Cut Studio 2, and Shake is just currently available for people with the original Final Cut Studio, or what? I thought Final Cut Studio 2 did all the stuff Shake does. Am I right?

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Its an amazing tool. Its so amazing what you can do with the product although there is a learning curve but after than youll realise its pretty logical. The node user interface is much much more powerful than most other programs. Shake is pretty awesome. Shae and FInal Cut Studio are not the same. They come seperate and Shake comes in its own box. Shake is for compositing. Its worth the money. Hope i helped!

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Aw, man! I had my mouth all ready for something cold and creamy!

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Still really confused about how it is worth it. Seems like the Studio 2 can do everything that Shake can do…. Would you mind giving me a for instance, to help me understand a need for it?

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Okay for example shake tracking soo much more powerful. Its almost always perfect! The Ssmoothcam is amazing. It looks as though the camera was on a tripod. Or you can move the camera around a room for example and there will be no shakiness! The possibilities are endless. You can even make your own effects or your own keys from scratch. Oh! They keying is the best keying you will EVER see! The key is soo clean! It would key perfectly around every single strang of hair. You can even try playing around with Shake at the Apple Store or you can see this guys Shake videos for some great advice and great tutorials for beginners!

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Ooo I forgot some. When you export the quality isnt stripped down AT ALL. The rotoscopping is pretty great and the abilitys you have are great. You can even go to some classes Apple gives for free on Shake or FInal Cut Studio. Shake has ALLOT more features. Give them a peek.

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Haha sorry but I found something you will probably really like. Apple made this a while ago and its not too popular. I love it. Its about final cut and shake. Take a look.

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HAHA!! I found that last video, the intro one, today, and haven’t been able to stop watching it! That’s really what made me want to ask, since I know that intro video was for the original Final Cut Studio. Once the second one came out, Shake wasn’t advertised as much and I wasn’t sure why. Well, I think I’ll stick with just Final Cut Studio 2. I really wanted the steady cam features, but I found out Motion does it pretty well, and I don’t want to pay $500 for Shake. Haha. I’m going to get an iMac and Final Cut Studio 2 soon, so I think that’s enough money to spend for now. Haha! But thank you very much for your help! I need to subscribe to emeek77! Those will be very helpful! Thanks a ton!

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Oh no problem. I love to help. I could talk about this kind of stuff for hours. :)

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Good. I might need your help once I order Final Cut Studio 2!! Haha. (I’m still in high school, so I’m just getting a head start. First time to really try my hand at movie editting….)

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I thought this was about milkshakes. Now I’m all disappointed. I feel betrayed. Someone owes me a chocolate milkshake.

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Mmhh… milkshake… * drools *

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