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When guacamole turns brown on top, is it bad to eat?

Asked by janbb (56035points) 2 weeks ago

Or is just unappetizing?

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It won’t kill you, but it won’t taste good either, for a day or two. Longer than that, throw it out.

The brown means that it has chemically turned – oxidized.

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I ended up scraping the brown off the top and using some of it. Not dead yet!

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Thanks for that. I usually put cellophane wrap right down on the top of homemade guac and that keeps it green for a day or so but this was guac from a restaurant doggie bag and in a cardboard container. I didn’t think to cover it but enough of the bottom was still green and flavored my leftover quesadilla nicely.

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You should include lemon juice in the recipe as I suppose the bandit’s tip suggests. It will double your fridge storage viability.

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I have lime juice in the recipe, Dad.

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That’s a good birdie.

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It’s not harmful, but it’s ugly in appearance and negatively affects the flavor. Guacamole is such a fleeting food. Lemon juice can help preserve it as can placing plastic wrap directly on the surface of the guacamole in a bowl. Otherwise you can just scrape the brown part off. If it’s not for a party, I make guacamole in small amounts rather than try and preserve a large bowl of it.

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^^ Yup, I do all of those.

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