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In the Pastafarian Religion, what accomodations does their heaven, The Great Pasta Bowl, make for non-alcoholics?

Asked by ragingloli (49117points) February 10th, 2020

Is there, for example, an orange juice lake, next to the beer volcano?

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The opposite of what the Southern Baptists do for alcoholics.

The Southern Baptists are quite proud that they have no alcoholics. Its because they kick them out.

Seriously, the whole point of religions is to be exclusionary rather than accommodating.

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I don’t think the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” differentiates between drinkers and teetotalers, just Marinara, EVOO and Alfredo sauce. So BYOB is word.

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He’ll get the pairings correct.
It’s just one glass of red wine… Or two or six….. One bottle is a serving right?

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As a devout Pastafarian, I know that my afterlife dreadlocks will be made from fusilli:

And, instead of reggae, we’ll listen to ragout.

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Mulling over the likely contents of the Great Pasta Bowl, we’d be remiss to eschew an ethiopian shout out to the highly salacious sacramental Psalms 104:14:

“He causeth the grass to grow… and herb for the service of man…”

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