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When you bathe or shower how do you clean the part of your back that you can’t reach?

Asked by josie (30931points) February 10th, 2020

Or do you just ignore it and hope it doesn’t smell funny?

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I have a long handled brush that has little knobby things on the other side to kind of massage my back. I love it.

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Oh, the neighbor’s usually at the window with an angle grinder and a bottle of Dawn.

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Long handled Back brush (stiff bristled)

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I use a hand towel to scrub with using both hands, one over head and one behind the back at waist level.

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But if you dry your back with a bath towel like I wash my back with a hand towel, you’ll scrub off any dead skin cells and funky odors that any back smellers might smell.

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Ha ha ha!!! Mouth breathers and back smellers!

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Long handed brush, had it for years.
Replaced it two years ago

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With regular yoga there should be no place you cannot reach. Rotund people understandably have a tougher time of it.

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Walmart has a loofa strap, about four inches wide, about eight or ten inches of loofa length, but total length is more like two feet. It has loop handles at each end. It cost me fifteen dollars. My shoulder range of motion is compromised, so I added my own, longer handles.

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I’ve heard about mouth breathers who employ back smellers, to help them avoid inhaling any noxious back gasses.

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We have staff for that.

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There’s no part that’s unreachable to me, despite a lack of yoga. Maybe I’m flexible. Maybe I just have long arms. Either way, my goal is becoming ever more attainable.

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Thanks, butt this is a seriass issue! ;-o

Although back smelling can be an odious business, at least the nasal passages have hairs that can filter out backside pathogens, whereas the human oral orifice doesn’t have them.

Consequently, many mouthbreathers have become seriassly ill, from orally inhaling a mouthful of BACKteria!

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I can reach my entire back with a scrub puff in one hand or the other.

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@cookieman is a contortionist.

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I make the dog all soapy, and then…

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@chyna: Nah. Long arms. Big puff.

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There is no such spot.

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As mentioned, I use a long handled back brush, for easy reach. it’s wooden and made well for the job.

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