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Is waxing more hygienic?

Asked by josie (30931points) February 10th, 2020

My girlfriend (and, she tells me, her sister) routinely get wax jobs.

They insist it is more hygienic.

Both are African, naturalized US citizens, so maybe there is a cultural thing here.

But is it actually more hygienic?

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Where exactly are these wax jobs being done on the body?

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I hoped that would be implied without actually saying it.
It is my girlfriend after all

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Mr.Miyagi thought so.

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I don’t think so. Assuming a person bathes regularly I don’t see why. If anything the hair serves a purpose to protect against friction and probably against dirt like eyelashes protect our eyes. That’s if we were out in the wild, and less protected. Of course now we wear clothing.

I guess maybe if the hairs aren’t dried well after bathing it could lead to yeast infections.

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Place some of your hair in your hand and hold it so that it doesn’t pull. You can feel the hair with your fingers but you can’t feel your fingers with your hair, right?
Now place your fingers on your bare cheek or other hairless spot. You can feel the touch both ways, right??
So I’ll contend it isn’t about hygiene, but more about sensuality. Imagine the same area on your body with no hair!

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Waxing is actually less hygienic. Pubic hair is designed to keep stuff out of your private parts. Also, hair follicles secrete sebum that is bacteriostatic.

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I asked the wife if she ever fancied a Brazilian, she said yes, his name was Roberto Carlos.
She’s nuts!

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Nope. As @raum says, the natural function is beneficial, and to add to that, waxing causes a minor trauma to the area, and can create an opportunity for infection by damaging the skin.

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For certain hair types, it isn’t a matter of hygiene as it is prevention.

People with very curly hair do not do well with shaving because they end up with ingrown hairs that cause skin problems. Waxing is better for them when they want to remove hair.

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I read about article, that said “crbs,” had been virtually eliminated in countries where women shave “everything.”

An unexpected benefit…

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I guess it depends on how hygenic your surroundings are.

Yeah well I got crbs from my first husband on our honeymoon @MrGrimm888. I had not been with any other man since we had begun dating over 2 years earlier.
What you read is bullshit.

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^First off, I obviously meant to say “crabs.”
As we mostly know, they are a type of lice, that can only be transferred to someone who has pubic hair. Otherwise, they have nothing to hold onto…
So. The article holds water.

Secondly. I’m sorry, that you have had so many bad experiences with men…

Thirdly. You must realize that your husband, got crabs from a female…

Sexual relationships, are like a game of Russian Roulette. I know that I have been fortunate, not to have contracted something. I thought I had the “clap,” once. Turned out to be a UTI. The only girl I had been with for years, was my ex. I got tested, for everything, and was clean. We put a lot of trust, in those we have intercourse with. As with any relationship, that trust can be misplaced…

If it makes you feel better, I had a camera shoved up my urethra. (Before the cultures came back.) One of the worst experiences, in my life.
Sex, is part of being human. We just have to be careful, about who we choose to do it with…

My ex, had the UTI. And I got it, from her. She didn’t bother to tell me about it… People suck…
What can I say….

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”Thirdly. You must realize that your husband, got crabs from a female…”

Not necessarily. Men can get crabs from other men….

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^Correct, but unlikely.

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