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Do you agree with TXT talk?

Asked by MrBlogger (382points) August 31st, 2008

Holy shit its so frigging annoying. What’s wrong with people?! People are even acting like its normal english! They are using it every were! School, Letters everywere! Some people are even saying it out loud. Personally I think its really unprofessional and just ugly. TYPE THE WHOLE WORD!

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It’s fast and gets to the point.

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I personally hate it. Well I don’t mind when someone replaces “you” with “u” every now and then, because they could be typing something long and not want to type the whole word, just to save a little time. I never use “TXT talk” or “1337 speak” or whatever they call it, because I type fast and I don’t need the extra 0.2 milliseconds when typing something long. You know it’s out of hand when people start saying out loud though. As in instead of laughing they would say “Lawl” or “Lemayo”. Or even when angry they would say “Oh em gee” or “Double-you tee eff”. That’s taking it too far. Stupid people.

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What I mean is that once it gets so far that you basically have to decipher it to read it, as if it were another language, then it’s too much. But the random “u” or “ur” doesn’t bother me.

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Its becoming and obsession. It was even on the news. People seem to be getting dumber. Some kids actually send letters to bosses in txt talk. Ill try and find it one second

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It doesn’t bother me as much as… But it can be irritating if it’s in everyday language and on fluther. I say it’s A-OK when you’re texting someone a quick message- like what crunchaweezy said:it’s fast and gets to the point.

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I think it’s annoying, but I agree with TheHaight that it’s acceptable in text messages. But if you have a full keyboard in front of you, for the love of god, write out the whole word. I have trouble deciphering words that are abbreviated. As far as speaking “txt speak”, it’s stupid and immature.

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On mobile phones I guess its okay but not for most smartphones with a QWERTY keyboard. skip to 2:20. Watch its pretty funny.

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I agree with you TheHaight, as long as it’s readable.

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“Txt talk” is not something you agree with, it’s something you adapt to, IMO. As long as people (ppl) are using it, and as long as you associate with those people, you will have to deal with it to communicate with them.

Personally, I don’t have a QWERTY keyboard on my cell phone, so I tend to abbreviate things quite a bit, especially when texting close friends of mine. I think T9 could eliminate this problem, but I’m so quick without it that to switch to it now would take more time than it’s worth.

Saying those abbreviations out loud can be super funny, though. Ever seen End of Ze World? “WTF, mate?” I lawled. There is definitely an art to using this kind of language.

1337 speak is different, BTW.

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k sry 4 disrespeckin ur artf0rm, i nvr ment 2 hert u.

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@MrB – Just watched that video. Ridiculous. I guess the important thing is to know when to draw the line.

@MrM – No disrespect. I get your point. People need to be more thoughtful about what they type or say. But kids feeling free to break the rules of grammar and spelling when they so choose is pretty awesome…

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I want to punch it in the dick.

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Too much texting can get annoying..for example when people are at a restaurant, or when people start talking as if they’re texting… So irritating.

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Agreed. With almost everyone.

Especially johnpowell.

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I agree with you 100%, but sometimes when I’m too lazy, I’ll use lol, idk, idc, etc .

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Whether I agree with Txt talk or not usually depends on what the Txt talk says.

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I use txt tlk al da time. Soooo easy 2 use. nd mch fasta then nrmal tlk!!!

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Thank goodness Fluther does not allow it. I find it lazy and very limiting in the range of thought and feeling it can express.

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If people didn’t take it so seriously and knows when to stop I wont mind it. Its just that my goodness! Its making people dumber and unprofessional. People are actually forgetting their grammar because of this.

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If I happen to send a text message (very rare) I will use some text-talk. Otherwise, I find it to be a bit annoying in an email or posting on a discussion site. It’s really not that difficult to type out an entire word, is it?

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I have a qwerty keyboard so I text like I talk and write. I spell the entire word, and use complete sentences. Unless of course it’s a point of “style,”. My friends with qwerty keyboards also text in complete words.

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I love when people don’t use txt talk. :)

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Is it really something you can agree with? I mean, txt talk isn’t really an opinion. It’s like asking if you agree with cursive.

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I suppose it’s appropriate if you need to shorten the message to fit more in, but it’s not appropriate for anything else. I hate it when people don’t write properly. My biggest pet peeve with text talk, is how people don’t even laugh anymore, they just say LAWL. It pisses me off, have people become sooooo lazy they can’t even laugh???

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It’s like any other commodity: It can be used in moderation or to excess.

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