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What can be said about preparing an orange before eating or using it in a dish?

Asked by flo (12844points) 1 week ago

As asked.

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You should peel it.

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There is more to it though, other than washing it, and “peeling it” I think I read someone “you don’t need to wash oranges since you’ll throw it out or something.

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Edited last post.

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@flo My teeth are sensitive to cold. I warm the orange up with hot water for a few seconds before eating.

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Check for worms.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Ok, but I’m talking in general. By the way even if not from the fridge?

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Take the seeds out? Can you elaborate more on what you mean please?
Peeling it and taking the seeds out is my answer.

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Peeling and removing all the rind still on the orange. Every. Bit. Then eat. Sometimes I break the skin and eat the insides only, too. We eat them room temperature.

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My family used to try to peal an orange in one piece. If you did your wish would be granted.
@flo Not usually. Only for cold oranges. I just had an orange, and I tried slicing them into disks. Was easier to eat.

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It’s laborious.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Slice them into “disks”? Into the shape of a CD or something like that?
@rebbel What is laborious?

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@flo Yes. Easier to eat.

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Easier than by segments?

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@flo I’m not sure. Maybe less overall effort.

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If is it a Mandarin, Sweetie, or Clementine I roll it around byto separate the peel from the core.
It peels very nicely after you do that.

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