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The next time after Clinton that a married US President has an affair with an intern, how would the American people react?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26674points) February 11th, 2020

What if the President (he or she) just outright admitted it? What are Democratic and Republican politicians going to do?

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It would not go over well here in flyover country. Clinton’s charm was his saving grace.

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But Trump can have a fling with a porn star??
And they are fine with it? While his wife is home pregnant?

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@SQUEEKY You know she ended up paying out right?

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Who ended up paying the porn star or his wife?

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I think the intern part, of the question is irrelevant.
Either way, if the POTUS, is married it doesn’t matter who they have an affair with.
It’s still an affair…

May I ask, what is the focus on the person being an intern?

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Wouldn’t go over well, but if it was a Republican that the evangelicals liked plenty of them would let it go with “we are all sinners.” That’s what an acquaintance of mine said to me two days ago about Trump. I have to roll my eyes a little, because I feel absolutely sure she would be a full on hypocrite if it was a President who she didn’t agree with on policy.

It’s the post me too movement. The difference in power would upset a lot of people, especially a lot of women. Already plenty of people had a problem with it when Clinton did it. It doesn’t sound like Monica was forced in any way though.

An affair with someone outside of the White House, especially if they are closer in age to the president, would be ignored by most.

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Republicans would only disapprove if it were a Democrat.

One only needs to look at Al Franken to know what Democrats would do. They won’t stand for that shit these days, affair or not. If it’s inappropriate behavior the person is out.

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Considering the number of evangelicals on the right it would not go over very well. Trump is an anomaly that he can get away with some of this but… diddling an intern at the office would get most CEOs outed on the spot. That’s a different level than cheating between consenting adults.

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Anything goes. The right wing religious nuts gave up any claim to being morally proper by condoning what Trump has done with his women.

The traditional republicans wouldn’t mind a presidential screwing as long as they could share the woman.

The democrats (and normal thinking people) would say “so what as long as the person is a good president”, which is what I used to say about Clinton.

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