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Addressing and referring to people by their name only (as per Jordan Peterson) is anti ...(fill in the blank)?

Asked by flo (12843points) 1 week ago

What led me to ask is the following thread:

Regardless of the person’s x, y, z, (anything about them), address them and /or refer to them by their name is what he says.

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Is that “misogyny, transphobia, anti-worker, anti-science, and self-victimization” (in one of the posts)?

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It’s not always respectful depending on the context. Formal titles don’t belong in every instance, sometimes they do.
For example, You have a friend who is a doctor, and you are friends with him. You aren’t going to refer to him by Dr. when talking about him to other friends. If you were his nurse though and you were talking to a patient you’d say Dr.
If you are referring to a politician, you should be saying their full title but no one really does. For example it really shouldn’t be just “Trump” It’s “President Trump” but thats nitpicky and I don’t know it all the time.
It’s not “anti-” anything, it just can be disrespectful or informal

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To me that’s just bad manners depending on context. It is a power move, people use that trick in business and politics to promote a personal camraderie, even if it doesn’t exist. Similar tactic as the handshake protocol.

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@SergeantQueen and @KNOWITALL We’re not referring to the same thing at all. I’m referring to someone saying to you have to call me “he” or she” instead of his/her name. You’re referring to titles, +last name /when to be formal or informal (i.e professor, president, doctor +last name in formal settings or first name if it’s social setting with a friend/s/family). See the link I posted, and my posts there.

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“Dr Peterson was especially frustrated with being asked to use alternative pronouns as requested by trans students or staff, like the singular ‘they’ or ‘ze’ and ‘zir’, used by some as alternatives to ‘she’ or ‘he’.”

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He/she/they/them is fine

Ze or zir is made up

Your question doesn’t make sense if you meant pronouns.
I wouldn’t use “he” or “she” or in place of a name unless everyone knew who I meant. I use the pronouns that people prefer but “zir” isn’t a pronoun.

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If you refuse to use the proper pronouns for them it could be transphobic. To answer your question

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@SergeantQueen The OP says “using people’s name”, “as per Jordan Peterson” in title and in detail the link, about Jordan Peterson.
And if you want please respond in the link in my detail which prompted this OP, please do.

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