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Aside from yourself, whose opinion do you value the most?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) February 13th, 2020

Your mother thanks you

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My brother.

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My mirror

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Either of the Obamas.

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That of the person that has one opposing mine.
Assuming they are sane.

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My philosophical 2nd oldest brother in our family.

He had learned more on behavior and took several psychology classes on several topics of interest and I suppose as a hobby he continues to take interest classes on those subjects and he is 76 years of age next month.

He is very understanding and a gentle man with a gentle approach to problems and people.

He represents the calm voice of reason as compared to the oldest brother who is the opposite.

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My dogs. They let me know they have to go. I ask them: “You sure about this?” They bark their answer. Of course, I take em outside and they do their business. So in their opinion, it was a good idea to go outside,

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