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Are people that are pro-life, in general, also anti capital punishment?

Asked by rebbel (30945points) 1 week ago

Tonight, on Dutch telly, there’s a documentary where this subject is talked about.
It made me wonder.
To my logic the two would seem to go hand in hand.
Is that so?

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From my experience it is quite the opposite Pro-lifers I have had dealing with are very much in favour of capital punishment.
Which always leaves me a bit confused.

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Of course not. That’s one of the fundamental hypocrisies of that movement.

Sure, not everyone thinks the same way. There are exceptions.

Remember, too that ‘pro-life’ is just a propaganda term. They are really “anti-choice”.

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I would opine, no. I don’t think there is a distinction.

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No, because “pro-life” is a misnomer. They are more accurately described as “anti-choice”, because it is about controlling a woman’s body.

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“Pro-life” is just a euphemism for being anti-abortion; identification with that label has no bearing on one’s position on other life/death issues. Anecdotally speaking, most people I know who are pro-life are conservative and most conservatives I know support capital punishment.

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Pro life is about not ending an innocent person who gets no say.
Death penalty is ridding society of someone who has proven themselves unworthy of additional years.

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At least according to the law of whatever country they are in.^^
But what happens after years go by and long behold new evidence comes to light and they are found not guilty of said horrible crime?
If you have put them to death, then what oops sorry about that, and before you get huffy there are cases like that, 3 in Canada come right to mind and there have been some in the states as well.
Now don’t get me wrong certain monsters are better off put down, the green river killer (us) Paul Binarto (Canada).

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I am Pro Life and do not support capital punishment for a multitude of reasons. I also don’t step on ants, and put spiders outside. :)

Euthanasia is the hard one for me, but I feel like God would see it as a mercy, rather than a sin.

Some Pro Lifers do believe in capital punishment because it’s biblically supported. Romans 13:4.

Romans 13:4: “It (the civil authority) is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath upon the one who practices evil.”

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There is also scripture stating if next of kin wishes to avenge their loved one’s death, it is right to do, but they must not strike back in anger because that is wrong.
Squeaky, I get what you are saying. However, with DNA now so reliable, it is a more accurate sentencing. The very reason innocence is being discovered so much these days is because DNA has exhonorated those people. We just had a man here in the states proven innocent. It wasn’t a lack of DNA which freed him. They had DNA from scrapings under her fingernails. They were able to do a familial match to find the guilty man. Gawd, the picture of him looks like something hell belched up.
I do feel like there needs to be a rock solid case.

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