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How sentimental do you get with regards to places you visit?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24458points) 1 week ago from iPhone

As a tourist or a traveler by chance because your job took you to that place or a family or friend you need to see resides there.

Do you relish seeing every place you get to see for the first time? Do you go out of your way to go out on a stroll, take pictures and strike conversations with the locals?

Do you ever get nostalgic about most if not all of the places you’ve been to? Collected souvenirs? If you do, why?

How did you develop that affinity treasuring your traveling experiences in such a deep emotional way?

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I would get sentimental but it seems every place I’ve lived as an adult has been torn down. :(

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^^Yes! I feel the same. I’ve lived in this area for 20 years and seen familiar sites torn down and changing right before my eyes. It feels like a part of me has died.

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I think I approach every day life this way, so that extends to travels. Small towns, beaches, foreign countries, whatever. I enjoy the novelty in every day life and in the little things and there’s a lot of that to appreciate in new places. I’m not much of one for souvenirs, but photos for sure.

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My daughter went back to gaze on the house in Wichita where she spent her first 13 years. She considered it her home. It was in housing development that went in in 1980. We bought it in 1983. The house is gone. The garage is still there, and the neighbor’s houses are still there. Ours is just gone.
Then we moved here, and lived in the greatest place, really. Bottom floor of a hundred year old, 4 story house. It had more square feet than my house did. We lived there 4 years.
They tore it down last year. :(

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I’m not really sentimental.

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^ Kinda a little bit you are!

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I always want to move to every place I’ve enjoyed, I wax poetic about people and places and am sorry I can’t do a lifetime in each place I’ve enjoyed.

So yeah, I guess so. My coffee cup collection can attest to that.

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I love seeing new places. More times than not I enjoy wherever I am. Places that I enjoyed in particular I want to go back and show to friends and family. I really want to show my parents Mohonk Mountain house in The Catskills, The Von Trapp Lodge in Vermont and other sights in Stowe, and go to the beach in Michigan with them. I’ve done all of those things, but I know they would love them too, and I want to show the places to them.

I have some souvenirs, but not from everywhere I’ve been.

I like to look up things to do before I go to a new place. I plan out the days, but I leave all sorts of time to run late, I hate being over scheduled.

Even when we move to a new city I look up the tourist stuff, and see something new maybe once a month, or sometimes wait for friends and relatives to come to do some of the touring.

When I live in Florida I really really want people to visit. I love it so much, and I think they are missing out not being here. When I live outside of Florida I think about the palm trees and sunshine and the lifestyle.

I don’t know if I would use the word sentimental, but I do have memories of really good times vacationing with my husband. He’s a pain in the neck in the planning stages, he hates to discuss the vacation ahead of time, but to give him credit, whatever I schedule for us he goes along, is in the moment, and almost never complains.

I love talking to the locals, hearing about their life, opinions, what they think about Americans if I’m out of the country.

I like cruising too. Just unpack and don’t worry about driving places or deciding where to eat, it’s all right there.

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I am.
I have many photos of places that I like.
Sometimes I will incorporate something from them in my artwork. They are reminders of very good times.
I have also left little things here and there.
The next time I visit a certain garden down south, I will check to see if something I left is still there. :)

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