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Which episodes of the TV series Black Mirror did you find thought provoking, unforgettable and greatly entertaining?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26672points) February 14th, 2020 from iPhone

As asked.

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The one that I remember best featured the robot killer bees.

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The one where a politician has to fuck a pig.
Never watched the show, though.

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I think the prime minister/pig tryst were the very first and second episodes. I’d forgotten them.

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Saw two episodes 2 years ago that were really good but wasn’t in a great mood to see more darkness in fictional life considering the real-life political darkness emanating from the WH. Lol

But yes, San Junipero was great and also that episode with Ron Howard’s daughter in it.

Recently started watching more episodes and delighted to discover how good and well produced the series was. I haven’t seen a single episode that was underwhelming.

I am enjoying what seems to be a common narrative approach, the slow-build. And when the surprise plot turn or turns are revealed, it’s a real fresh treat!

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The robodog was great*.
The young woman (that kidnapped and murdered a child(?)) that got chased and put on trial in a TV show was great*.
The kiddie porn masturbator boy was a great one.
Well, the first four seasons was great*.
The ones after that I haven’t seen yet.
I want to keep them unwatched and save them for later.
There’s also the one where the viewer can choose which way the episode evolves to/in.
How cool is that?!

*Thought provoking, interesting, disturbing, awe inspiring.

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I haven’t seen them all yet, but the episodes that have stood out to me the most so far are:

Fifteen Million Merits
White Bear
White Christmas
San Junipero
Shut Up and Dance
Hated in the Nation

My personal favorites were San Junipero and Hated in the Nation.

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The acting of that actor who played the Uber sort of driver made me cry. Just a bit. Lol

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San Junipero! I loved that one so much.

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The one in which everyone required a good yelp review as a life skill lol.

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