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Based on a post from my last question: would you even want to be reinstated as among the living if a bureaucratic screw up had wrongfully declared you dead?

Asked by canidmajor (15920points) 1 week ago

I have already considered this, and decided I would want to return to the status of being legally alive, as myself.
But what an interesting opportunity it might present to decide otherwise! For the sake of discussion, would you want to start over, clean slate, no obligations or baggage (except, of course, for your own demons…)?

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I have considered doing just that.

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Maybe. If I was younger, yes. It would be fun to start over, be someone else, live in another state and climate. I always wanted to move when I was young, but due to my mom’s health, I couldn’t leave her. But if she thought I was dead, I could have left without too much guilt. (A couple of my brothers could have stepped the hell up.) If I’m not mistaken, I think a person or two took advantage of 9/11 and left their life because there is no evidence those people’s remains were ever recovered from the site.

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Not in my situation, but I can certainly think of various situations where someone might want to.

It’s not that uncommon that a person decides their life situation is undesirable, and being thought dead could help make a clean break.

Of course, especially in most of today’s countries, it would also present some challenges, since so many situations are set up to require some kind of ID.

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I think you’re right, @chyna, I think 9/11 would have been an ideal situation.

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Sure – if only to be able to vote next November!

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Um, I want my social security and Medicare, so yes I want the government to know I’m alive.

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I would assume the identity of someone who had no friends or family when they passed, and take possession of land, house, vehicle, everything.
Hopefully they have a phat bank account.

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With no past history, I think it would be difficult to purchase a home, or car, or even possibly rent a place to live because there would be no credit history. Even the banks would be hesitant to take your money for deposit because you don’t exist. There’s probably a way around all that, but I’m not familiar with how to get it done. Since I prefer my life to be simple and easy, I think I’d opt to be on the “alive” list

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No, I would have nothing to gain and a lot to lose in such situation.

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@SEKA, the way around is to steal an identity. Preferably someone with good credit, and dead.

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@Patty_Melt Stealing is wrong, so not an option for me. Of course, pretending to be dead is also wrong, so I guess I’d fight to prove that I was still alive. It would break my heart to discover that a loved one would rather pretend to be dead than spend another day with me, so I wouldn’t do it to those that I love

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I didn’t try to talk you into anything. I was not even advocating. I merely gave you an around you stated you didn’t know one.

Yes, obviously being on the alive list works best for you.

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