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Will Barr resign before suffering the fate of the rest of Trump’s lawyers?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21344points) 6 days ago from iPhone

It might be safer to get out now!

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Naw, as long as he keeps licking ole orange hair’s boots he will be ok.

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It didn’t work for the others—any of them!!

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No, he’s a very loyal lap dog

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He’ll quit or be fired when Trump turns on him.

At least for now, he’s doing all of Trump’s bidding and is the “fair-haired boy,” “teacher’s pet” in the cabinet But, that won’t last forever. Barr will do something, or refuse to do something, and he’ll land in the bad camp. Just ask a long list of former toadies – at best, their careers were damaged; at worst, they’re in prison or awaiting sentencing – how the ending goes.

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Doubtful. He’s too bullheaded..

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He shouldn’t resign and instead push back against the orange turd until he gets fired. Not convinced though that Barr finally saw the light.

This may had been all planned. To show a trump puppet talking back which again distracts from what’s really happening…“impeachable abuse of power act” by the orange turd.

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