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Does wanting to seek therapy for anxiety and depression make me "too obsessed" with my mental health?

Asked by Nuggetmunch (311points) 6 days ago

Every time I think of going back into therapy I feel I’m making a mountain out of a molehill. It makes me feel I’m being selfish and egocentric. That it’s a waste of my parents’ money. I feel too pretentious or bourgeois trying to seek help that we can’t actually afford. Does anyone else feel the same?

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Mental health stigma needs to stop. This is normal.

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No, it makes you self aware & help should be sought before that is no longer the case.

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When you get sick do you go to the doctor or just stay at home and pretend you aren’t sick because going to the doctor is a waste of time?

The same applies here.

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We don’t know your situation but if you can’t afford it, there are free programs thru NAMI. National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Check them out online and find a group near you. It’s peer counseling, all free and they help many people. Best of luck.

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I understand your feelings. I’ve gone to therapy several times, and when I go back I sometimes feel like I already know the formula and why am I bothering. However, I will say that usually the therapy helps, and it helps in fewer sessions each time. Good therapists can help you sort through your feelings fairly quickly, assuming you are not dealing with extreme circumstances or a diagnosis that is not easily treated with talk therapy like schizophrenia for example.

Since you parents are paying I assume you are fairly young. I think if you feel like you want to go to therapy then you should go, and not worry about the expense for now, it’s too important. If the therapy is not helping within 4 visits, change therapists. That can mean having to start all over again, but you need a good fit to get better.

Do you know why you might be feeling badly? Are you able to narrow it down, or is it just fee floating and generalized?

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But when you go to the therapist, do you see it as a waste of time, or is it successful (or at least does it help) at addressing your issues?

If you perceive it as a total waste, and chore, then you may be acting out something else. On the other hand, if you’re getting something – help, calmness, confidence, whatever – out of the sessions, then it’s doing what it’s supposed to do.

What do you feel after a session?

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Being depressed and anxious is precisely the time to see a therapist.

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Ugh GOD. I hear this same shit on the daily from my parents. NO. It’s perfectly normal to want therapy if you are struggling, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just plain ignorant. You are strong for recognizing you need help. If you can’t vibe with 1–1 therapy or afford it, maybe try some free support groups. That can help too.

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My reaction to questions such as these are unfortunately always the self centered response having nothing to do with the question. The answer is of course that if you feel you might be too obsessed with your mental health, therapy is almost certainly advised if only to work through the issue. But such questions as these have the distinct effect on me in repelling any possible recommendation for those inclined to run the poignant hazards in rearing children. In fact those announcing their intentions to risk attempting the feat scare the hell out of me.

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