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What kinds of things did you memorize out of the encyclopedia?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41752points) 1 month ago

In the 60, 70s, 80s and into the 90s we got our information from encyclopedias. We had a set growing up. When I got bored I’d read an encyclopedia. I memorized rocks (cool pictures,) jewels (pretty pictures,) dogs, snakes and cats. I also researched Native Americans.
My sisters did pretty much the same. It’s how my little sister was able to identify that the snake that bit her was a water moccasin. She said, “I looked at it, looked closer and my mind thought back to the picture in the encyclopedia.”

What kinds of things did you memorize?

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I memorized the solar system.
Earth, the Sun, the moon, erhh….., Ve, Ve, Ve….., Venus…., erhhhh…....................

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Points on maps, countries and capitals, mountain ranges, bodies of water, and on and on. I have always loved encyclopaedias. I grew up with a set mother got one per week at the grocery store….Funk and Wagnalls. They really were great. All of the other kids had World Book so my reports never sounded like anyone elses. Not that I copied but just the way the information is presented affects a kid’s work. When I first got pregnant I started buying one volume per month of the Youth Encyclopaedia “Book of Knowledge.” It was absolutely great. And wouldn’t you know, with the advent of the PC I used them more than my children. They still enjoyed them and loved the fantastic photos. Even in day school my older daughter, on show and tell day, liked to pick out a picture in the enclyclopaedia and hold it up for the class and explain about it. I gave birth to nerds. Precious little nerds. :)

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So many things that I can’t recall which.

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States and countries,and their capital cities,

American league pennant winners

Greek gods

Names of presidents and when they served

that sort of factual stuff.

Don’t forget The World Almanac. I had my parents buy me one every year.

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Oh yes. The solar system!

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I wouldn’t claim o have emailed anything. I did a lot of discovery. I enjoyed finding things I didn’t know. I never really worked hard at it.
Besides Funk and Wagnall’s, We had nearly every Time Life book that was in the set at that time. The Earth, The Ocean, Space, Animal behavior, and others were my full color illustrated go to for many things. Back then Saturn only had three or four moons, and was the only planet with rings.

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The word “encyclopedia” ~

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Good grief. I forgot to check for typos. What I typed was, first sentence, I wouldn’t claim to have memorized anything.

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Nothing. Well, maybe something, but I never opened an Encyclopedia just to read and learn, it was only when I had some sort of assignment from school.

I barely read anything in my school years, I was great at listening to the teacher.

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@Patty_Melt our spell checkers are very drunk, aren’t they. For some reason mine really, really wants do put some words in all caps. Freaking INSISTS on putting some words in all caps.

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Mine splits words, then turns each chunk into words of its own choosing.
I start screaming IT IS TOO A WORD! And then all hell breaks loose. It goes Greek – Chinese mix on my ass.

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Lists. The books of the Bible. Greek gods. The United States. Presidents of Germany. European countries and their capitals.

I’d forget most of it within a few months, but I considered it training for my brain.

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It was a “I’m bored. Pool’s closed. Mom and Dad don’t care. What now?” Moment when I read them.

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