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Did you know that better than 1100 former DOJ prosecutors signed an open letter requesting AG Barr’s resignation?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21508points) 1 month ago from iPhone

What do You think?

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It’s left wing propaganda anyone knows if your doing the Don fathers bidding you’re as pure as the driven snow, oh wait that is for the Don father himself yeah Barr is screwed.

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I was aware of it, and I agree it is fruitless to try and shame anyone in this administration into doing the right thing.

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I had read that, but I also realize that as long as Barr sucks on trump’s arse with gusto that he will be going nowhere!!!

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trump and fanatic enablers believe not one Republican voter cares. They’re still mesmerized by the pathetic reality TV show in the WH. Truly disgusting.

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I think I need a source or citation explaining what you are asking about.

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Employees and media personnel…..not prosecutors.

So what? I might sign it for $500.

Today, a petition means less than it did before Trump was elected. Those signatures are easily bought.

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And who would pay for them?

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@canidmajor Thank you for the link. Reading the statement, I will tell you that it is fraught with allegation for which there is no proof and, in fact, has been discounted. So for a group of supposed legal people to put out such a statement makes, to me, the entire thing suspect. I started going down and randomly picking some of the supposed signatories to see their background. It is funny….it states that they served under both Republican and Democratic administrations, but doesn’t actually follow through on some of the ones I looked at. Take Elkan Abramowitz for example. During law school he interned for the SDNY attorney’s office. After that he went on for many years to defend white collar criminals. He then went back to do a stint in the SDNY office as a prosecutor, but then left again. He has primarily been a white collar criminal defense attorney…not a DoJ employee. Yet the claim is that he served under Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter. That is misleading since he really didn’t serve under all of them. In fact, it looks like, as an attorney, he only served under Carter…and was not a Carter appointee. He was hired as a special prosecutor. So technically, yes, he was a DoJ employee, but certainly didn’t serve as long as is claimed and wasn’t as in-depth or non-partisan as is implied.
The devil is in the details.

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fraught with allegation for which there is no proof and, in fact had been discounted?

Isn’t it rather peculiar how each and every lawyer pressed into the service of Trump somehow finds his or her reputation obliterated, career destroyed, and facing prosecution and indictment at the hands of erstwhile former colleagues. I might also refer you (once again) to the relevance of @KNOWITALL ‘s “hot seat” question. That number by the way of former prosecutor signatures has now doubled to beyond 2200

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@seawulf575: I deliberately chose the Fox link out of approximately a dozen sources so you might find it more believable. I don’t actually care what your take on it is, I was just doing a little favor for @stanleybmanly.

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And I appreciate it and need all the help I can get. I am convinced that most of us are incredibly unaware of just how severe the crisis is that we are living through. To my mind, the entrenchment of Trump is the greatest threat to the viability of this country since the Civil War.

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@stanleybmanly The 1,100 are called Democrats.

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Why @Yellowdog because Republicans would never do the right thing?
I can see that.

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@canidmajor And I appreciate the link. I’ll be honest, I don’t really care what the source is that is posted…I usually read them all. And I will always debate the substance, not the source. My previous answer was not really directed at you, other than the “thank you for the link”. the rest was my take on what was presented.

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@stanleybmanly Barr has already stated that Trump has never interfered with his job on criminal cases. Ever. The only contradiction to that is a bunch of butt-hurt Dems just throwing out speculation and a liberal media running crazy with it. Now we have “1100 former DoJ prosecutors” starting with the conclusion that Trump interfered (with zero evidence of this), trying to reinforce the lies. The fact they are starting with something that has no actual evidence and treating it as a fact tells me they are part of the smear campaign. Face it, the Dems are desperate to stop Barr from completing his investigations into things that will blow back on them.

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1,100 former DoJ officials signed this?

So did yo mama. What about it?

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Sorry fellas. It was beyond 2200 signatures by noon, my time And there’s no point in activating the worn out monotonous democratic conspiracy excuse. The uproar in the judicial branch is considerable, and is threatening both Barr and the fool with impeachment.

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@seawulf575 you’re forgetting that other contradiction—the turd congratulating his attorney general on the attempted subversion of the legal process. Are you beginning to understand why Stinky will never survive the onslaught he brings down on himself. And once again, longer you poor
conservatives deny the consequences of marriage to the devil, the greater the destruction when the divorce is forced.

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A lot of people in the DOJ were in on the coup against Trump; a.k.a. the Russia hoax, and dozens of smaller efforts. Though it is doubtful that 2,000 are culpable, I wouldn’t expect very many of them would be too eager for Barr to expose what they were up to. Irregularities and alterations all through the procedure have been exposed by two Inspector General reports, but the DOJ isn’t likely to investigate itself. It makes perfect sense that they would want Barr out of the picture.

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Looks like they’re going to get their way!

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It makes sense that a lot of well-connected former DOJ and FBI employees want Barr gone.

Consider that no charges will be brought against Andrew McCabe, who committed crimes far more serious than anything alleged against Roger Stone—McCabe was referred for criminal prosecution by the Inspector General in at least one report. His case is dismissed by the DOJ. Roger Stone, on the other hand, is facing nine years for a process crime of supposedly lying to congress which may in itself be in dispute, since the entire case he supposedly lied in is completely debunked.

Barr is getting at this miscarriage of justice in our two-tiered justice system. A few of the Comeys and McCabes WILL be prosecuted and face jail time. It makes sense that this cabal and its followers want him out.

There is no indication, however, that this isn’t anything new in the hate=Trump hysteria

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Stone has been duly convicted by a jury. His guilt and culpability is not only beyond question but blatant and treacherous. McCabe on the other hand was ruthlessly persecuted for his authorization of the Mueller investigation, and the judge overseeing the case has stated as much; which is why the DOJ was compelled to drop allegations against a man hounded for doing his job. McCabe has sued the DOJ and can look forward to a whopping big settlement. The turd should be once again impeached for utilizing the DOJ as the instrument for his personal vendettas. The list of egregious impeachable violations garnered by our vindictive moron continues to spiral out of control, and the sooner the House slaps his stupid ass with more charges the better.

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DOJ coup against trump. Delusions.

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Here is a good video explaining the whole thing:

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