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Why hide the history on profile page (please see details)?

Asked by canidmajor (18501points) February 17th, 2020

Sometimes I have looked for a question that someone may have asked in order to maybe reference links, or information from someone more versed in a subject than I am, and the asker has hidden the question section on their profile. Other times I remember that someone had an interesting link or post on a recent question (that I can’t remember the wording or author of) and they have hidden their responses.

I am just curious as to why some jellies do this. I understand that in some rare cases, these things are very sensitive and it is essential that someone take all the steps to remain unidentifiable, but those are not the norm, here.

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Some people probably would not want their family or friends to know certain things they have said should they ever discover their online persona here.

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They set their privacy setting to block people from seeing the history on the account page.

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Yes, I get that, guys, but why is what I am asking. Why some and not others? Like I said, not necessarily the ones who are fearful of being identified.
Neither of you have done it, I see.

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When I’ve seen that, I usually think they don’t wish to argue about things they’ve posted back in 1872.
Or maybe their views have changed since posting.

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Didn’t even know that was a thing, but then, I’m an open book…thumb through me :D

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It didn’t occur to me either, @ucme, and I’ve been question-stalked by a troll who was pissed off at me, making little remarks on a bunch of past Qs.

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Ahh, a moron of the highest order.

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I also didn’t know we could “hide” things on our profile. I wonder if I have mine set that way, I don’t even know.

I agree with @lucillelucillelucille maybe because the jelly has been here forever and wants to let some older posts rest.

Just like some jellies reincarnate themselves with a new user name and don’t let on who they are. Why do jellies do that? I thought about doing it at one point. I think people have different reasons for doing these sorts of things.

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I do this and the reasons why have been discussed here.

#1 The main reason is to hide my history from family members. Both my husband and I have been vocal about our participation here to family members. My husband has mentioned it on his podcast and I’ve mentioned friends who I’ve met here. I have discussed issues about certain family members here and I’d prefer to make it as difficult as possible for them to find any of my history.

#2 There is a mean girl mentality with a small group of people here. They won’t ever let you forget things you’ve said or asked 2, 5 or even 10 years ago. Some even hold grudges. It makes it impossible to get helpful responses to new questions because they cling to the past. They can’t stay on topic and bring up things from years ago that aren’t relevant to the OP. This is another reason why I hide my history. I don’t like living in the past. I like to move forward.

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