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What kind of perks for non-pet-owners would you expect to get, in order for you, as a non-pet-owner, to support and pay for universal pet health-care?

Asked by ragingloli (46436points) 1 month ago

As asked.

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Do any countries actually have universal pet health care?
Just asking.

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Not to my knowledge.

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The warm and fuzzy feeling that you are helping pets all over.

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6 month Jail time for owners whose dog shit isn’t picked up.

Bullshit “support” animals get to be on the plane, but the owner flies in a cage in the hold.

All restaurants dog-free.

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We have staffie for that!

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Poop free lawn. If someone lets their pet do doo doo, the city picks up said doo doo in reasonable time.

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I’d be willing to pay a little to help neuter pets, and minimum care. That’s already a perk in itself.

However, I think pet owners should have to pay more than non-pet owners. There would have to be copays, and some procedures not covered for me to be in favor of it. If someone buys from a breeder then they pay even more.

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Free bite repair.

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The only “perk” worth a shit would be to cover PEOPLE first.

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